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Scholarship Universe just as its name suggests is a scholarship website that provides and encompasses a list of scholarships to students and also collects data or personal details from applicants to help connect them to top available scholarships.

It is owned by Northern Arizona University.
The website aims to help NAU’s upcoming or current students reach out to available scholarships that meet their criteria, and then match them.

Facts About Scholarship Universe.

Scholarship Universe was introduced by Northern Arizona University (NAU) with the sole aim of supporting incoming or current NAU students by applying for scholarships both internal and external.

This Scholarship Universe is only accessible by incoming or current NAU students, you have to make use of your NAU credentials before being granted access. It also allows you to see different types of scholarships and ones you may be interested in. As an applicant, you can view your application status, documents, etc.

Scholarship Universe Review

A lot of positive reviews have been dropped about Scholarship Universe from users, and here is also a review of Scholarship Universe’s features and benefits.

1. Easy To Use and Navigate:

Scholarship Universe is a very easy-to-use website, there is not much complexity of usage on the website. You just have to create your profile, all other things are set and in order.

2. Robust/Large Database: The platform is very wide and contains millions of scholarships from reliable sources.
It is a website with a plethora of scholarships obtained from reliable sources. This entails that scholarships from there are legit.

3. Personal Recommendations: The tool personally recommends scholarships it finds that are best suitable for you and one that it knows you are eligible for. Remember it has your details, so it recommends scholarships you are eligible to apply for.

4. Indication of Award Prices: The website lists explicitly the award prizes that come with each scholarship, and it’s now left for you to know more by clicking and checking on them.

5. Transparency: The tool makes known to the public how it connects students to scholarship. It ensures it is transparent in explaining its functions regarding matching students with different scholarships.

Is Scholarship Universe Legit?

Yes, Scholarship Universe is Legit. It is initiated and managed by a very trusted university known as Northern Arizona University (NAU).
Also over the years of its inception, there have been lots of positive reviews about it, especially from its users.

How Does Scholarship Universe Work?

1. In Scholarship Universe, student’s eligibility for scholarships is determined by the questions and details they provide.

2. With Scholarship Universe, you can apply for multiple scholarships through just a website.

3. It enables you as a student to track your application status and keep updated about it.

4. Students are always notified each time there are new sets of scholarship opportunities.

5. Students are regularly reminded of their tasks that are on hold or pending and the next available steps to take.

How To Use Scholarship Universe

To use Scholarship Universe, you need to meet some requirements, and once you meet the requirements, then follow these steps on how to use it:

1. Visit their website
2. You are expected to enter your NAU ID, and then password to log in. (The platform is only accessible by incoming or current NAU students, that’s why you are to use an NAU ID).

3. Fill in the questions with answers according to each detail required, this will also be used to connect you with scholarships that you are eligible for.
4. Be specific while creating a profile, this is to ensure that you are matched to relevant scholarships as the database contains about 10,000 scholarships.
5. Click on “Scholarship Tab”, Then start applying.


Scholarship Universe was established by A Non-profit organization, and they care about their user’ priority first before any other thing.
Over the years, it has proved its trustworthiness and transparent self through many connections it has made.

It is a wonderful tool to use for a good scholarship pairing as it connects you to scholarships you can win with ease.