YouTube videos strategy with affiliate marketing explained.

This YouTube videos strategy with affiliate marketing, involves motivational videos. You do not have to make any videos in order to benefit from this motivational YouTube videos strategy with affiliate marketing.

We will show you where to get the YouTube videos you need to leverage this affiliate marketing strategy. No, It Is Not Creative Commons License YouTube videos for affiliate marketing this time. It is something entirely different.

This is why you want to read to the end because this is an affiliate marketing YouTube videos strategy. Only you do not promote affiliate offers in the video description. Yes, this one has an interesting “twist”.

Basically, you will be combining Medium and YouTube with this videos strategy for affiliate marketing. But you will need to create a motivational videos channel on YouTube if you do not already have one.

Motivational videos YouTube channel example.

But we’re not going to get into all of that, there are countless YouTube videos that will guide you on how to create a YouTube channel. No need to “reinvent the wheel” here. Creating a YouTube channel is pretty simple.

Above, you can see a screenshot of the YouTube motivational videos channel we have created. For the purpose of this affiliate marketing strategy.

When you create your YouTube channel, under “Basic Info” you will have the option to add URLs. But although you are allowed to include more, we suggest you only include 5 URLs. No, not affiliate offer URLs!

As you can see above, one of our own 5 links, redirects visitors to Medium. But not our Medium profile. It redirects to our motivational Medium publication called MOTIVATIONAL Hotspot Space.

In the event, you do not have your own Medium publications yet. Just use the link to your Medium profile page. But where will you get videos for your new motivational YouTube channel? We will get to that.

Where to get HD YouTube videos for your new channel.

And how does this work with affiliate marketing without promoting any affiliate offers? Well, it includes Medium where you are allowed to share affiliate offers in your Medium stories.

But we have covered that in many Medium stories already. How to make money with affiliate marketing on Medium. Therefore, you might want to read the Medium story below if you are not already promoting affiliate products on Medium.

Next, let’s show you where you will get motivational YouTube videos that are perfectly safe to use. You will not get any copyright strikes against your YouTube channel. Because you will have “express permission” to use these videos on your YouTube channel.

Simply mosey over to Ben Lionel Scott on YouTube, where you will find an option to subscribe. Then subscribe to Ben Lionell Scott for a measly $5 per month. And no, we are not getting a commission for this.

Using YouTube videos strategically for affiliate marketing.

We are showing you this YouTube motivational videos strategy with affiliate marketing. Because we want to see you succeed too. Not everything should be about money, it should rather be about the journey, right?

Therefore, we are sharing the strategies for affiliate marketing that we use to drive traffic. YouTube motivational videos just happen to be one of many strategies we use for affiliate marketing.

Believe us, it will be the best $5 you spend each month to build your affiliate marketing empire. But as mentioned earlier, with this YouTube videos strategy for affiliate marketing you do not share any affiliate links anywhere on your YouTube channel.

You are going to share the link to your Medium profile in your motivational YouTube video descriptions. That way, you drive visitors to your Medium profile. With your Medium stories, where you share your affiliate offers.

But be sure you understand how affiliate marketing on Medium works by reading the Medium story we included earlier. There are rules with affiliate marketing on Medium which you need to know to avoid getting into trouble.

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YouTube Videos Affiliate Marketing

Using motivational YouTube videos for affiliate marketing.

The motivational YouTube videos you will have access to by subscribing to Ben Lionel Scott are all HD videos. And very high-quality. Below is an example of one of the videos we got from him and used on our motivational YouTube videos channel.

Yes, you may notice the subscribers have been a bit slow (if you choose to watch the video on YouTube). Admittedly, we haven’t been very active on this channel for a while. Because we assemble content marketing strategies.

Write about them, and then start researching new strategies. That is precisely why our Medium profile clearly states, “Creating And Testing Content Marketing Strategies Is Our Time While Writing About Them Is Our Dime!”.

Because that is what we love doing. But we will breathe life back into this channel in due time. For now, it is a passive free traffic strategy for Medium, that keeps “running in the background”.

Focus on your own YouTube videos SEO and results.

Just putting this out there, don’t focus on our results. Focus on your own, as we already have this strategy in place. And it forms part of many strategies we use to drive traffic to our Medium profile.

Getting it in place is the important part here. Always focus on the strategy and make it work. Perhaps your YouTube channel will grow even faster, depending on the amount of time you spend with your channel.

As mentioned earlier, we are sharing an affiliate marketing strategy with you. This is an excellent way to drive traffic through motivational videos. Because motivational videos are quite popular on just about all video platforms.

Ranking motivational videos with affiliate marketing.

Ranking YouTube videos with affiliate marketing is the easy part, keeping that ranking position is quite something else. Because of the YouTube algorithm Favours activity.

In fact, it is quite possible and rather easy to rank page one position once you become accustomed to YouTube video SEO. But we are just quickly going to take a look at some of the basic video SEO with YouTube.

Because we have already covered the ranking strategy in much more step-by-step detail in another Medium story. You will find this Medium story link at the end of this subheading content.

First, you will need a few YouTube video ranking and SEO tools (free browser extensions). Along with, in our opinion, the best free presentation and content design software tool on the internet, Canva!

Tube Buddy.


Keywords Everywhere.


Ranking YouTube videos with affiliate marketing will require you to focus on a few key elements. We will just take a quick peek at the most basic ones because you will have access to the extensive YouTube video ranking tutorial shortly.

Presentation must raise curiosity or it will not work.

Presentation plays an important part. Therefore, your YouTube motivational video thumbnail is of paramount importance. Because that is what your visitor sees first in any home page feed. No matter the platform. The most important focus points are listed below.

  • YouTube Video Title.
  • Video Description.
  • Optimized Video Tags.
  • Best YouTube Video Hashtags.
  • YouTube Video Thumbnail.
  • Video End Screen And Cards.

As can be seen below, illustrated with the blue ranking positions. That is VidIQ in action. The green ranking positions are Tube Buddy in action, yes, you can use both these video SEO tools (browser extensions) together.

Although YouTube allows up to 100 characters for your video title, we strongly advise not exceeding 60 characters. Because only the first 60 characters will be showing on search engine result pages.

But you can read more about ranking any YouTube video, for any search phrases in the Medium story below. You really need to read this if you are new to YouTube video SEO. It really is not all that complicated.

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YouTube Videos Affiliate Marketing

YouTube strategy with affiliate marketing summary.

Basically, this YouTube video strategy with affiliate marketing through Medium can be broken down into four steps. As listed below, you can see that it starts with creating your new YouTube motivational videos channel.

  • Create A YouTube Channel.
  • Subscribe to Ben Lionell Scott.
  • Upload Videos To Your Channel.
  • Medium Profile Link In Descriptions.

Then you need to subscribe to Ben Lionell Scott so you can have high-quality HD YouTube videos for your channel. Then you simply access the videos, download them to your PC, and then upload them to YouTube.

But it will require quite a bit of work from your side. Creating channel logos and cover images. Choosing the best video titles, tags, hashtags, and video thumbnail designs.

If you have also read all the other Medium stories included in this one, you should be good to go. But in the event, you have any questions or need help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments section.

Please do the same if you have enjoyed this “YouTube Videos Strategy For Affiliate Marketing”. Let us know in the comments, we would be delighted to hear your thoughts.

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YouTube Videos Affiliate Marketing

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YouTube Videos Affiliate Marketing

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