If you’re planning to launch a cold email campaign, or even a marketing campaign, for that matter, with emails being the medium, ensuring email addresses are correct is an absolute must! If you don’t do that, not only will your emails not reach the right people but also put your email account ID at risk of getting blacklisted or marked as spam. 

The good news is that today, you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to email verification tools. Using those, you can reduce the bounce rate by 90% and make the most of your campaigns. In this guide, we’ll discuss all the reasons why verifying email addresses is crucial for your marketing strategy.


Reasons to Verify Email Addresses Before Launching a Marketing Campaign

1. Reduces bounce rate

Reducing the bounce rate is vital in any email campaign because not doing so can severely hurt your ROI and reputation. Using a tool that verifies email addresses helps eliminate most (if not all) invalid IDs and reduces bounce rate by up to 90%. An effective email validation checker doesn’t only check for the email addresses in a database but also does a real-time test to figure out if the account is active. 

An excellent email delivery record improves your sender score, determining whether you’re treated as a genuine sender or a spammer. Reducing the bounce rate should be one of the main goals for a cold email campaign where the chances of being marked as a spammer are the highest.

2. Gets better ROI

The bounce rate is directly tied to the ROI you get out of an email campaign. The lower the bounce rate, the better the ROI because sending emails costs money. And you stand to make (or save) more money by ensuring no emails are going to waste. With improved deliverability, you increase the chances of engagement and conversions. 

Investing in email verification optimizes resource allocation and maximizes marketing campaign impact. In plain and simple terms, better deliverability means more eyes on your content and higher sales.

3. Get accurate insights into your audience

Enhanced email deliverability provides accurate insights into the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. When your messages reliably reach intended recipients, you gain a clear understanding of the data related to open rates, CTR, and other metrics. This helps you to refine future strategies, target your audience more effectively, and tailor your content for maximum impact.

Understanding audience behavior is everything in a campaign! It leads to informed decision-making and better campaign performance. Verifying email addresses helps you get that by making sure the emails aren’t getting lost in transition or being marked as spam.

4. Saves money

Email marketing campaigns are one of the more affordable marketing tactics, but it sure doesn’t mean they take no money. Storing and sending emails costs money, and reducing unwanted ones by removing them from the list saves money. A huge database of emails is worth nothing if a lot of the data is wrong. With a reduced but more accurate database, you’ll save more money. And you know what they say about saving money- it’s the same as making it.

5. Boosts engagement rate

Whether you’re running a marketing campaign to drive engagement or sell an offer to your email list, remember one thing—quality beats quantity. It’s never about sending emails to the largest number of users possible; it’s exactly the opposite. Sending emails to a smaller, more engaged audience not only boosts your click-through rate but also gets you more awareness or sales. Not to forget, you also build up a reputation of being a trusted sender.

6. Avoid being marked as spam

Checking emails helps prevent them from being marked as spam. Research shows that for every 5000 emails sent, there should be fewer than 5 complaints about spam. This means it’s important to keep spam levels low to protect your reputation. Email verification tools can also spot accounts that often mark emails as spam and label them as ‘unsafe’ so you know to avoid them.

7. Detect and avoid temporary accounts

Since email is one of the most preferred means of defrauding people among scammers and fraudsters, they often use randomly generated accounts that stay live for only 48 hours. Using an email verification tool, you can determine if there are any temporary emails in your database and remove them. This isn’t possible otherwise if you’re not using a verifier tool.

8. Detect catch-all mail servers

Catch-all email servers are servers designed to accept all incoming emails, regardless of whether the intended mailbox exists or not. As an email marketer, it is an actual problem because it looks like a real email, but then gets bounced back in the future. By using an email validator tool, you’ll know this specific server configuration and remove the email addresses before starting the campaign.

9. Avoid risky accounts

Not all emails in your database belong to a real person. These are often associated with fraud and accounts used to claim chargebacks. It’s crucial that you stay away from these accounts because sending too many emails can get you blacklisted. There’s no way to understand which accounts are potentially harmful or risky without using an email verification tool.

If you’re using an email database that’s not verified for running a campaign, be assured that many of those emails will bounce. Now, if you’re handling the entire process manually, all by yourself, you need a system to unsubscribe from those bounces. However, by using an email service provider, you can move the bad IDs to a different list.

This service provider will also keep a record of the bounces as a safeguard against spamming. Since there’s a defined limit that different email service providers set, you’ll get a warning if the bounce amount in your campaign exceeds the limit set by the email service provider. Let this go unfixed and you’ll receive a ban in the future.

11. Safeguard your reputation

By sending emails you start to get known by email and internet companies. This is your sender’s reputation. It depends on things like how often your emails get marked as spam or if they can’t be delivered. Having verified email lists means you don’t send emails to addresses that might mark them as spam or cause problems. 

This helps keep your sender reputation safe, which is super important for email marketing success!

12. Help the sales team with a reliable database

To make the most out of your sales team, you need an email list that’s been vetted and verified. Otherwise, it would be like flushing money down the toilet! Sales teams cost money and by not verifying the emails, your outreach campaign won’t even get close to fetching the desired ROI or metrics you set for it. Give your team a verified list, they’ll thank you for it. Your campaign will thank you for it!


How to Pick an Email Verifier that Works for You

As you’d expect, choosing an email verifier can be tricky because there are so many to choose from. Some are free, others cost money; some can only check individual emails, while others can go through a list of emails at once. 

You can subscribe to some as standalone tools, while others are a part of bigger packages. Before you choose one, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Offline vs. Online verifiers: When it comes to choosing between the two, always go for the online verifier because;

a) you don’t need to download anything and store it on your PC and 

b) you can access it whenever you want, from any part of the world.

2. Flexibility: You want flexibility to be a key component in your email verifier. Look for a service that can accurately verify both single emails and big lists, and can also handle personal and business emails.

3. Checks: Every email verifier works based on a different set of protocols, utilizing different technology. But, when you’re choosing an email verification software, pick one that goes through at least 7 steps to make sure an email ID is valid.

4. All-in-one: It’s smart to find a service that offers more than just verification. There are some email marketing tools that also let you do the marketing part of the process as well, and they’re usually easier to use.

5. Integrations: If a verifier can work with other services, it can make the marketing process so much easier. 

6. Pricing: Last but not least, choose an email verifier that offers competitive rates that scale with your needs and operations. Just because a service charges more doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.

So, that’s about it for today’s topic on why verifying email addresses is crucial and how an email verifier can help in maximizing your campaign reach and sales.