Viral list building vs. email list building introduction.

Conventional email marketing and list building can often be rather expensive, as opposed to the free viral list-building strategies already available. Especially when you are a complete beginner, conventional email marketing can be challenging. Viral list building vs. email list building allows you to practice a bit with free email list building.

There are several affiliate automated email systems and programs that are rather effective with conventional email marketing. And we have even tested some of them, but that is not the purpose of this article. In this article, we want to show you the free alternative with pretty much the same benefits.

You will be surprised at the similarities between conventional email marketing and viral email list building. Gaining targeted followers and subscribers on Medium for instance. Followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc all form part of viral list building.

It all comes down to the primary objective, getting your content that leads to an affiliate offer to a specific audience. An audience is interested in what you are offering. With Medium, for instance, we have seen affiliate sales from a tiny list of only 74 subscribers!

But with affiliate marketing on Medium, there are rules. Yes, Medium does allow you to share affiliate offers, but you must familiarize yourself with the Medium Rules. We are not going to get into all of that, it’s a tad off-topic. It’s up to you to read, study, and understand the Medium rules before proceeding.

Our point is that through experience we have learned that, when done right. Viral list building can be just as profitable as conventional email marketing. In some cases perhaps even more profitable, judging by the search volumes with viral optimization.

We have, however, written another Medium story about how to do affiliate marketing on Medium. You might want to read the Medium story and familiarize yourself with these strategies. But more importantly, the rules.

Methods and options with conventional email marketing.

With conventional email marketing you often start with a free trial, and then pay for a certain list size after that. This will vary, based on the number of subscribers you have, and the email autoresponder you choose to use. Among the more well-known ones, you will find.

  • Getresponse.
  • A Webber.
  • Mailchimp.
  • Sendinblue.
  • Maikitchen.
  • Sendgrid.

These conventional email marketing autoresponders have been used in the past by a lot of people. A lot of those people did and are still making money with their email lists. But, it also costs them money to host their email lists.

But there are countless other options. Some of the above-mentioned autoresponders are free to use. While others will bill you for a certain list size after your trial period expires. Basically, in a nutshell, conventional email marketing consists of the following.

  • Landing Pages.
  • Auto Responder Messages.
  • Newsletters.
  • Subscription Webforms.

With free viral email list building you have much the same “tools” so to speak, when you use the right platforms. For the purpose of this demonstration and proof of sales, we will be covering Medium writing. Gaining subscribers and followers, and the benefits we have recorded.

The perfect email list-building alternative is viral list-building.

In order to test this particular strategy, we made use of a brand-new JVZoo account. Or shall we say a completely dormant one? Where we haven’t promoted anything for months. Then we started sharing these affiliate offers.

The commissions generated were mainly from Medium. But we did extend our viral reach into social media, by sharing our Medium stories over multiple major social networks. Primarily focusing on viral list building and exposure on Medium.

With viral list building on Medium, you have just about all the other benefits than conventional email marketing. What we are about to share with you is our perception of this particular Medium strategy. And our profitable experience applying these strategies.

Viral list building and Medium publications.

When you have your own Medium publications, then you have the option of sending out newsletters. But you also gain followers who are notified when you publish in the Medium publication. Therefore, reaching an audience through newsletters.

You have a signup form and icon on your Medium profile where readers can subscribe to receive your stories via email. Bearing a striking resemblance to a web form, wouldn’t you agree? With the exact same purpose, collecting subscribers.

Your subscribers then receive an email each time you publish on Medium. With affiliate marketing on Medium, does this not bear a striking resemblance to both an autoresponder message and a newsletter? You can also save newsletter drafts, and send them at strategic times.

As mentioned earlier, from a rather tiny subscriber list of 74 subscribers and a follower count of just over 1.5K on Medium. Below you can see the proof of conversion for last month. Yes, it is not much but it is increasing. And it is proof enough that free viral list building can be profitable.

Over the last two months, since we started focusing more on JVZoo we have already had a payout. Which is excluded from the current balance as illustrated above. For September we have received a payment of $56.33 as can be seen illustrated below.

Profitable affiliate marketing with Medium viral list building.

Affiliate marketing and viral list building with Medium can be rather profitable. But please familiarize yourself with the rules, If you do not want to get labelled for spamming by the Medium spam bot, your account will get suspended. It’s just not worth it, be professional, be transparent, and relate with your audience.

Further, proof that this content marketing strategy with free viral list building on Medium works. The next payment due after refund periods have passed is $81.06 and we are only halfway through October.

Although it might not be hundreds of sales per day. The consistency is proof enough. Consistent and steady sales from a 100% free content marketing strategy with viral list building. Besides, this is only on JVZoo.

We also promote products from other affiliate networks within the boundaries and rules of Medium. With JVZoo we just wanted to see how long it would take to see sales. Also, sales with zero refunds, meaning we are reaching the right audience on Medium. With the right solutions.

Conclusion of viral list building vs. email list building.

In light of the benefits being quite similar between conventional email marketing and viral list building. It might be well worth your time to delve a little deeper into this content marketing strategy. Because your “end game” is building a subscriber list and follower count on Medium.

You have everything you need to generate sales with viral list building. Perhaps not all the benefits and options than that of conventional email marketing. But you have the most important ones at your disposal to generate sales. Below are your benefits with viral list building on Medium.

  • Newsletter (With Medium Publications).
  • Webform (Subscribing Options).
  • Auto Responder (Story Publication Email Notification).

Pretty much quite similar to that of conventional email marketing, only viral list building is done completely free on Medium. Just keep providing high-quality articles on Medium, and share them over your social networks. And build a profitable and responsive list without breaking the bank.

If you found this Blog Post helpful, kindly let us know in the comments. We would love to hear your opinion. Did you know about these secrets of viral list building vs. email list building? Do you struggle with driving traffic, generating sales, creating content, or writing? Have you explored SEO yet?

If you need help with anything, we speak “Blogging” “Writing”, and “Affiliate Marketing” rather fluently, so feel free to reach out any time. With that, our “Viral List Building vs. Email List Building!” Blog Post is concluded.

Now you know the difference between viral list building vs. email list building! Both can be equally profitable, while viral list building might surprise you and be even more profitable.

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