Affiliate marketing has evolved significantly with the integration of PR strategies, placing storytelling and brand advocacy at the forefront of this new era. Brands benefit from the transparency of affiliate marketing while creators benefit far beyond a one-time PR campaign.

In this recording of our live webinar titled “Introduction to Affiliate Influencer Marketing,” Lynsey Kmetz, a former content creator turned Managing Director of a digital marketing agency, introduces the world of Influencer Affiliate Marketing and offers strategies for content creators to make the most of this industry evolution.

Lynsey discusses how affiliate marketing and public relations (PR) have merged to create a powerful marketing strategy for brands and creators alike. She emphasizes that for content creators to thrive in this evolving landscape, their focus should shift towards crafting exceptional content that leans more towards effective copywriting.

One of the key insights Lynsey provides is the distinction between content and copy. She delves into the nuances of these two elements, highlighting the importance of persuasive copywriting in driving conversions. Understanding this difference becomes crucial for content creators aiming to succeed in the affiliate influencer marketing space.

Furthermore, the video offers practical strategies and tips for content creators on where and how to share their content for the best possible conversions. Lynsey’s expertise and insights provide valuable guidance for those looking to excel in affiliate influencer marketing.

This video serves as an insightful introduction to the world of affiliate influencer marketing, shedding light on the evolving strategies and the vital role content and copywriting play in achieving success in this dynamic field.

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