Writer Phoenix Griffin has been with Constant Content for over 8 years and is known for her upbeat attitude, flexibility, and responsiveness. Clients and Constant Content staff alike love working with her, and we’re so pleased to share her thoughts for this month’s Writer Success Story.

photo of a constant content writer Phoenix Griffin

How did you hear about Constant Content, when did you join the platform, and how did you start earning with us as a freelance writer?

I first heard about Constant Content after I did research online about different ways to make money as a freelance writer. I was drawn to Constant Content because I liked having the flexibility of writing content about topics that I enjoyed. I appreciated the opportunity to write about a variety of different topics because I’m the type who has an active mind and loves to learn as I work. 

I’ve been a freelance writer for over 12 years now, and Constant Content has provided the opportunity to unleash my creativity while I make a steady income. It has freed up my time to pursue my passion as a writer while maintaining the schedule that works best for me. After submitting and selling content in the Marketplace, I was invited by Constant Content account managers to join writing teams for Enterprise clients, which added to my income.

I really appreciate having the ability to write and sell articles for myself while being part of a team environment. Each day is always an incredible learning opportunity!

What type of content have you created for Constant Content, and what are your favorite types of assignments?

I’ve created a lot of different content for Constant Content. Since I enjoy learning so much, I wake up and think about different topics that I’d like to research for the day. Rather than simply googling a variety of topics, I’ll start my research by reading different perspectives on my chosen topic. 

I usually have a variety of projects going on at a time, ranging from SEO marketing and home improvement to legal and lifestyle topics. The thing I enjoy the most about Constant Content is that every day is a chance to explore a new topic, so I never get bored by producing writing for the same category of content over and over again. In general, my favorite types of assignments include psychology, home improvement, personal finance, and how-to pieces.

What is it like working with Constant Content compared to other freelance platforms?

I’ve written articles for several other freelance platforms, and I can honestly say that writing for Constant Content has been a complete game changer. Unlike other platforms that pay so little, Constant Content allows the ability to set your own prices. It also provides the opportunity to set your own hours and encourages writers to create content for a variety of trending topics. 

When working with other platforms, I never really knew what to expect in terms of assignment availability and deadlines. I enjoy having opportunities to write for different clients with Constant Content, plus the bonus of being able to create additional content to sell on my own. When I was first starting out at Constant Content, I also appreciated how friendly and helpful the editors were when giving feedback about my articles. It served as a tremendous learning opportunity that helped me grow as a writer.

You’ve found success connecting with clients who like your work and come back to you for more. How did you get connected with those clients?

I got connected to various clients after I started writing and submitting articles to the Marketplace, which clients would purchase. Soon I was contacted by the staff at Constant Content on behalf of various Enterprise clients seeking freelance writers for customized projects. Some of those clients requested samples to make sure that I would be a good fit for their standards. 

One of the things I appreciate most about Constant Content is that the staff works directly with each client to come up with a list of standards that the client needs for all articles. Every client is different and has a certain set of requirements, but having a predefined list of expectations takes the hassle and guesswork out of submitting content that adheres to each individual client’s expectations.

The best thing about working for various clients is getting feedback from both the client and the Constant Content team; receiving feedback from both has tremendously developed my skills as a writer.

Can you give us a glimpse of your daily writing process so other writers can learn how it leads to writer success?

Constant Content offers the freedom to set your own schedule, but in the beginning, setting my own hours was honestly challenging. I had to learn how to treat freelance writing as my own business and dedicate a certain number of hours each week to succeed. I’m very protective of my time management to ensure I can meet all my personal and client-related goals while still producing quality work. Typically, I plan my schedule days or weeks in advance, so I’m always aware of what’s on my plate. I make my own calendar based on client demands and fill in the rest of the week with days I can create my own content to submit to the Marketplace.

How does writing for Constant Content enhance your creative writing practice and accommodate your lifestyle outside of writing for the platform?

Writing for Constant Content has increased my creative writing practice in multiple ways. First, many clients I’ve written for have specific guidelines and offer valuable feedback when necessary. I create folders for each client and add feedback to the folders so I can easily review their feedback before writing another article. The Constant Content editorial team also reviews each article I submit to the platform and provides helpful edit requests and feedback that helps me develop my writing skills even more.

Why write for Constant Content?
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What writer resources have you previously used or currently use to hone your craft?

I’m meticulous about using writer resources to hone my craft. When Constant Content sends emails about topics that potential clients are searching for, I always take the time to research topics and trends to identify ideas that might generate income. 

To make sure that my content is relevant, I do keyword research and incorporate as many relevant keywords as possible to increase SEO-rich content. If I’m unsure about which topics I should write about, I look at the recently sold article section on the platform to gain a better understanding of what clients are searching for, too. 

I also use a free application called Hemingway Editor to verify that my content is easily readable and void of common errors.

Do you have a passion or creative outlet outside your writing that enhances your life as a writer?

Outside of my writing, I’m passionate about music. I’ve played the guitar and written my own music for decades now. I’ve found that whenever I get overwhelmed or bogged down as a writer, if I take 10 to 20 minutes to listen to music, my mind can refocus on writing again with less distraction. 

I also like to take time to meditate throughout the day. Writing comes naturally to me, but when I dedicate even just a few minutes to meditation and relaxation, my ability to write increases exponentially. My rule of thumb is that if I get overwhelmed with the details of a client’s guideline requests or feel the dreaded symptoms of writer’s block, I’ll pause and reflect on something positive.

Keeping a positive attitude has tremendously helped me navigate the challenges associated with maintaining my own schedule as a freelance writer.

Do you have any final words of wisdom to help the Constant Content writers find their own writer success?

If you’re new to Constant Content, take time to check out the resources provided on the main website and the platform itself. Research which topics clients are looking for to gain inspiration about articles you should write. If a client has sent you a private request but hasn’t already let you know about keywords in the instructions, send them a message (or ask a support representative or account manager at Constant Content) to find out whether they have any keywords in mind or if they want you to do any research.

Don’t get frustrated or take it personally if you receive edit requests. My writing skills developed predominantly through edit requests from clients and the Constant Content team. View feedback as the biggest learning tool available, and document feedback in a folder so you can always review advice before you begin writing the next article. 

Finally, develop a success mentality. Many freelance writers have found tremendous success with Constant Content. There’s nothing like setting your own schedule and having the flexibility of working from home while doing a job that you truly enjoy. The more you write and sell articles, the more exposure you’ll gain from future potential clients, too!

Author photo by Phoenix Griffin. Images by Unsplash