It’s time to refresh your approach to affiliate marketing. Stay on top of the latest affiliate marketing trends and discover new best practices and innovative techniques for 2024.

When it comes to running a successful affiliate marketing program, there are three main factors you need to consider:

  1. Attracting high quality affiliates.
  2. Developing a relationship that incentivizes them to promote your products above all others.
  3. Streamlining the process so that you can focus your time and resources in other areas of your business.

Best practices in all three of these areas are constantly evolving, and we’re here to keep you ahead of the curve with our rundown of the top affiliate marketing trends for 2024.

We include tips and actionable advice along the way, so you’ll feel empowered to apply these trends to your own affiliate marketing strategy.

9 Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2024

Here is our selection of the top 9 affiliate marketing trends for 2024.

As you’re reading these trends, keep in mind those three essential factors mentioned in the introduction.

While you might not be able to apply all of these trends to your own affiliate program, focus on the improvements that matter most to your strategy right now.

1. Authenticity: Championing Genuine Content Creators

The push for authenticity underscores the shift towards real, relatable content over polished perfection.

This trend is especially relevant to Gen Z, who crave authenticity and “realness” in their online interactions.

The trick is to align with content creators who share genuine stories and foster meaningful engagements.

The move towards user-generated content (UGC) highlights this trend, as UGC is perceived as more trustworthy and relatable.

Actionable Tip

Screen affiliate applications for content creators who share your brand’s ethos and values. Above all, favor those with a genuine enthusiasm for your products or services.

2. Micro and Nano Influencers: Prioritizing Connection Over Size

Echoing the call for authenticity, the focus on nano and micro-influencers highlights the value of personal connections and engagement over sheer follower count.

These influencers often boast higher engagement rates, making them ideal partners for brands looking to foster genuine relationships with their audience.

By prioritizing influencers based on engagement metrics rather than audience size, brands can achieve more impactful and authentic affiliate partnerships.

The challenge is that engagement metrics are often difficult to measure with content being shared across multiple channels, often privately.

However, shares, likes and comments are all valid metrics to make a fair assessment of their suitability for your program.

Actionable Tip

Use an affiliate approvals system to screen applicants for suitability for your brand. Easy Affiliate can automatically create an affiliate registration system in a few clicks.

With Easy Affiliate installed on your WordPress dashboard, head to Easy Affiliate > Settings > Affiliates tab, and select Application as the Registration Type. Hit Update Options and you’re set.

Easy Affiliate Application Process

The application form includes questions about their promotional strategy as well as which websites and social media profiles they intend to promote your brand on.

3. B2B Partnerships: Exploring Lateral Collaborations

B2B partnerships are evolving, with brands increasingly seeking collaborations with non-competing businesses that share similar target audiences.

These partnerships open new avenues for reaching potential customers and offer mutual benefits without direct competition.

Actionable Tip

Identify and reach out to businesses that offer products or services that complement yours and share a similar target audience but are not direct competitors.

Share your affiliate program details with them, and consider becoming an affiliate for their program.

Co-create content, bundle offerings, or co-host events to provide value to both audiences, leveraging each other’s strengths.

4. Mutual Empowerment: Elevating Affiliate Relationships

The relationship between brands and affiliates is becoming more reciprocal.

By offering insights into your business operations and involving affiliates in content creation and joint ventures, you can cultivate a more engaged and motivated affiliate network.

Lead them to opportunities to create content for your brand, and do what you can to facilitate their efforts to their more inclined to promote your business over others.

Actionable Tip

Share insider information, marketing materials, or product sneak peeks with your affiliates to help them create compelling content.

The easiest way is by including a process to send out an information pack via email every time you have a new release or major announcement for your brand.

You can also make the most of Easy Affiliates Creatives tab which lets you easily share banners and campaign-specific links with affiliates on their Affiliate Dashboard.

Easy Affiliate Add New Creative

5. Leveraging AI: Enabling Affiliates with ChatGPT Prompts

What 2024 trends list isn’t complete without a mention of AI – more specifically, ChatGPT.

The content-producing world is embracing ChatGPT at an astonishing rate and affiliate marketers are no exception.

Affiliate program hosts are finding inventive ways to insert themselves into their affiliates’ new ChatGPT processes.

One way is by providing affiliates with tailored prompts for content creation.

For example, when promoting a new product, feature, or service, you can create a prompt which includes all the information you want them to promote.

That way, they can easily create original content that consistently aligns with your brand’s messaging and goals.

Actionable Tip

Make sure you start your prompt by clearly outlining the key features and benefits of your product, feature, or service. This ensures the core message is not lost when used by affiliates.

When you deliver your suggested prompt to your affiliates makes sure you clearly encourage personalization.

Suggest that they inject their own experiences or personal tone of voice to enhance that all-important authenticity we mentioned earlier.

6. Performance-Based Commissions: Rewarding Excellence

If you really want to attract and incentivize top-performing affiliates in your space, it’s time to move away from single-tier commission structures.

Affiliate program hosts are acknowledging the varies contributions of affiliates with tiered commission structures.

By offering higher commissions to top performers, brands can incentivize better performance and reward their most effective partners, fostering a more productive and motivated affiliate network.

Actionable Tip

With Easy Affiliate there are multiple ways you can set up your affiliate program to reward affiliates for specific actions using the Commission Rules add-on.

For instance, you could offer an increased commission rate for affiliates who exceed a specific sales threshold, or provide a promotional rate for your newest product to enhance your launch efforts.

This is effortlessly achievable with Easy Affiliate’s Commission Rules add-on.

7. MVP Relationships: Offering Personalized Support

By concentrating on nurturing relationships with your most valuable partners, you can dedicate more resources to supporting and rewarding these key players.

Personalized support not only enhances affiliate satisfaction but also encourages their continued loyalty and performance.

Actionable Tip

Regularly engage with your top affiliates through personalized communication, understanding their needs and feedback to strengthen the partnership.

8. Data-Driven Strategies: Harnessing Insights for Growth

The use of data in refining affiliate marketing strategies isn’t exactly new for 2024, but its ongoing importance cannot be overstated.

By using analytics to understand campaign performance and affiliate effectiveness you can ensure your marketing efforts and targeted and optimized for success.

Use data insights to discover:

  • What type of content has the highest conversion rates: blog, video, social, etc.
  • Which affiliates are most prolific and effective
  • What campaigns bring in the most referrals
  • Whether your commission structure is effective
  • And much more.

Actionable Tip

While the real-time reports offered by affiliate programs can give you some insights into your affiliate and campaign performance, Google Analytics allows you to dive deeper into the data and see the exact source of your referrals.

Not all affiliate program platforms make this easy (or possible at all) but with Easy Affiliate, you can enable UTM tracking with a simple click to start tracking link data in Google analytics.

From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Easy Affiliate > Settings > General Tab. Scroll down to Links and toggle on the UTM Affiliate Link Tracking option.

9. Embracing Automation: Streamlining Operations

Streamlining your workflow is the name of the game here. With affiliate program tools advancing it’s increasingly easier to step up and manage your program without being lumbered with boring administrative tasks.

From email integrations to quick payouts and automated fraud detection, leveraging technology can save time and resources, allowing you to focus on strategy and growth.

Actionable Tip

Explore what integrations and automation features are available with your affiliate program platform and make the most of them.

For example, Easy Affiliate offers integrations with multiple email service providers, an add-on for automatic fraud prevention and PayPal 1-click Payouts for seamless workflows that are as efficient as they are effective.

EA Automation Adsanity

Integrating these trends into your affiliate marketing strategy requires a balanced approach, focusing on the improvements that align best with your goals.

By embracing these developments, you can enhance your affiliate program, foster stronger partnerships, and drive greater success in 2024 and beyond.

Let Easy Affiliate guide you through these changes, ensuring your affiliate marketing strategy remains cutting-edge.

Ready to revolutionize your approach? Explore how Easy Affiliate can empower your business today.

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