From rising ticket prices to extraneous fees, flying is increasingly becoming an unsavory experience. But while some airlines have missed the mark on what it takes to keep customers happy, others have succeeded in tough times.

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J.D. Power released its annual rankings of the top-performing airlines in North America based on customer satisfaction across several areas, including airline staff, digital tools, ease of travel, level of trust, pre-flight experience, onboard experience, and overall value given price.

The study was separated into three areas — first/business class, premium economy, and then economy/basic economy, and airlines were awarded points with a possible high score of 1,000.

Delta Airlines stole the show, ranking first in the first/business class sector with a score of 743 and the premium economy tier with a score of 716.

For the economy/basic economy level, Southwest Airlines came in first place with a score of 685, with Delta not far behind in second place with a score of 651.

“The big takeaway from this year’s study is the power of people to positively influence the overall flight experience,” said Michael Taylor, senior managing director of travel, hospitality, retail, and customer service in a release for JD Power. “Airlines that are investing in staff training and recruitment are finding ways to overcome the negative effects of crowded gates and planes simply by being nice to their customers.”

Here are the top five in each category:

First class/Business:

Delta Air Lines (743)

JetBlue Airways (736)

United Airlines (698)

Alaska Airlines (695)

American Airlines (676)


Delta Air Lines (716)

Alaska Airlines (687)

American Airlines (684)

JetBlue Airways (667)

WestJet (664)

Economy/Basic economy:

Southwest Airlines (685)

Delta Air Lines (651)

Allegiant Air (633)

Alaska Airlines (630)

JetBlue Airways (630)

You can find the entire study here.

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