This month’s writer success story profiles Erin MacDonald, one of our go-to writers for all things retail—and beyond.

Writer Erin MacDonald with Constant Content General Manager Rasanga Weerasinghe, when he visited the UK in 2022.
Writer Erin MacDonald with Constant Content General Manager Rasanga Weerasinghe, when he visited the UK in 2022.

How did you hear about Constant Content, when did you join the platform, and how did you start earning with us as a freelance writer?

I first heard about Constant Content in 2017 from a friend of mine who was working as the lead copy editor at a large online retailer. At the time, they were hiring internal copywriters and copy editors, and I passed their copywriter test. Then my friend told me about another company, Constant Content, which also did copywriting work for this same retailer. She suggested I apply to work with Constant Content for the project because it would allow me the flexibility and freedom to work from wherever I wished. This was ideal for me at the time, as I didn’t want to commute into the city. I joined the Constant Content platform and immediately started working on the retailer’s account in July 2017. Shortly thereafter, the Constant Content manager asked me if I wanted to work on other accounts. I’m still working on projects for Constant Content, all these years later.

What type of content have you created for Constant Content, and what are your favorite types of assignments?

I’ve created product copy for a variety of clients, whether it’s made up of brief bullet point descriptions or long-form descriptions; I’ve worked on city destination profiles and travel-related articles, too. I’ve been grateful to stretch my writing skills with other assignments as well, such as blog posts designed to help freelance writers find success working with online platforms like Constant Content. I’m always willing to take on most types of copywriting assignments because this allows me to flex and grow my writing skills—but I think I slightly prefer travel-related assignments for the simple fact that they tend to spur on my own wanderlust!

What is it like working with Constant Content compared to other freelance platforms?

Working with Constant Content has been a dream. I’ve worked with several different account managers at Constant Content, and they have all been responsive and communicative about project expectations and guidelines. If I have ever had a query about any aspect of a project, the managers were on top of it. They have always been in prompt and direct communication with the client so that my fellow writers and I could get the correct information to continue and complete the assignment correctly. 

I’ve briefly worked on another freelance platform. It was complicated to navigate, had a convoluted payment process, and was not worth my time. Working on accounts with Constant Content has been effortless, communication has been top-notch, the platform is easy to navigate, and the payment process is streamlined.  

You’ve found success connecting with clients who like your work and come back to you for more. How did you get connected with those clients?

It all comes down to the account managers I’ve worked with at Constant Content. From my first month working with Constant Content in 2017 up to the present day, it’s been the managers who have asked me to work on various assignments. I strive to do my best work, and I have my assignments in on time, so I’d like to hope that it’s my timeliness and work ethic that has kept my account manager coming back to ask me about working on longstanding projects as well as new assignments. I’m always grateful to be asked to work on a project.

Can you give us a glimpse of your daily writing process so other writers can learn how it leads to writer success?

My writing process varies depending on what type of assignment I’m working on. I always start by getting an overview of the project at hand. I do a little background research, explore links (if there are any), and create an outline that I can work from. Having an outline offers me a guidepost as I write. Outlines can become templates in some cases. If there is a batch of similar assignments, I tend to make bullet points. I also like to handwrite notes because it helps me retain key pieces of information. I don’t write everything out, just research, reminders, and so forth. I also put my own personal deadlines on a calendar that are generally well in advance of the Constant Content deadline. This helps me to focus and stay on task—you never know if you’ll be asked to complete a new assignment that has a short turnaround!

How does writing for Constant Content enhance your creative writing practice and accommodate your lifestyle outside of writing for the platform?

Writing for Constant Content gives me flexibility on so many levels. Depending on the amount of work that Constant Content has available with the projects I’m already involved in, I can take on more or less work depending on what else I have going on. I can travel and continue to work, which is something I’ve never been able to do with a job before because my other jobs were always location dependent. For example, I’ve been able to visit family and friends on the other side of the country while continuing to work. When I need to take time off, I have the flexibility to do that since I’m a freelance writer. It’s been a win-win all around.

What learning resources have you previously used or currently use to hone your craft?

I’m constantly in pursuit of finding new ways to learn and expand my craft. I’ve taken a year-long editing certificate course and I have a master’s degree in creative writing.  There are several editing books in my office for reference. Thesauruses have been a great way for me to expand my vocabulary. I also consult grammar websites, and I’ve used the Hemmingway App to double-check and fix any difficult sentence structures for long-form writing assignments. 

Do you have a passion or creative outlet, outside of your writing, that enhances your life as a writer?

Yes, I do. At the moment, I’m working on a novel. I’m in a solid second draft phase with it. Having a creative writing project outside of writing for Constant Content helps me continue to think about other ways I can write. Sometimes the work from Constant Content has helped inform my creative writing choices too. For example, when I first started writing product descriptions, I had to quickly learn about women’s fashion. In fact, I took my own crash course on it, checking out library books on fashion to brush up on the nuances between various skirt lengths, types of sleeves and collars, etc. When it came time for me to write descriptions about what characters in my novel were wearing, I was then better able to describe aspects of their clothing from the type of material a shirt was made from to the style of dress they had on, etc. 

Do you have any final words of wisdom to help the Constant Content writers find their own writer success?

Be diligent about applying yourself to work assignments. Brush up on your editing skills and be sure to double-check your work. Commit yourself to turning assignments in on time—or ahead of time. Strong writing will produce stronger work, which clients will notice. Working for Constant Content is a partnership in many respects. I consider it to my benefit to do my best work so that Constant Content continues to be well-regarded by current clients and potential clients. My final piece of advice would be to infuse your own unique voice and writing style, where appropriate. If you love writing, let it show and let it shine!

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