Turn any Medium story into an HD YouTube video.

You can turn any Medium stories into an HD, high-definition YouTube video. Turning your Medium story into An HD YouTube video is easily done with either Canva or Lumen5. Both are free tools!

Both are also excellent video design and creation software tools. With both tools, you can do a lot more than just turn your Medium stories into HD YouTube videos.

You can even turn your Medium stories into YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, TikTok videos, and so much more! Like creating your high-definition video thumbnail as part of the YouTube video SEO process.

But we will get to that during the course of this article, so you might want to read to the end. Because this content marketing strategy is designed to increase your Medium story views.

You can choose to use any of these free video creation tools to turn your Medium stories into high-definition YouTube videos. Or you can choose to use both, the decision is entirely yours to make.

These tools are super easy to use, and we have been using Canva, especially for a very long time. But we are not saying any of these tools are better than the other, we are just pro members with Canva.

Therefore, obviously, we will be using that which we pay for each month more. We did, however, as beginners start with Lumen5. Both are great tools, and you can decide for yourself. Both are free to use but do offer pro versions.

You might also want to check out this Medium story. About how to make money with affiliate marketing on YouTube without making any videos ever. Just as a little bonus content marketing strategy.

YouTube HD video strategy with Medium Stories.

We want to clearly demonstrate this content marketing strategy. How to turn your Medium stories into high-definition HD YouTube videos. Therefore, we have decided to include one such video as can be seen below.

This one we did with Canva, all the clips, design, and even the music is all Canva. Your video even gets cleared from any copyright claims by simply connecting your Canva account to your YouTube channel.


Before we forget, you want to make the videos less and no longer than 3 minutes. Have your most important message within the first 30 seconds. You will see later why this is important. These video lengths perform better with the traffic strategy we’re going to show you.

The above video is based on the article we are also about to include. We decided on this so you can have a clearer picture of the kind of “headline” type content we use from the Medium story. This is the Medium story we used “Affiliate Marketing Sales And Medium Writing!”.

This same video is still ranking (6 months later) for search terms like “medium writing and affiliate marketing”, “affiliate marketing and medium writing”, “medium writing with affiliate marketing”, and “affiliate marketing writing on medium”. All are directly related to the Medium story topic.

That is why we are also going to share a bit of YouTube video SEO basics for your Medium story. Along with a strategy we use to get USA-targeted 30-second video views for as little as $0.012 cents per view.

Next, we’re going to guide you through the upload process on YouTube for your Medium story. Or shall we say, your new HD YouTube video of your Medium story?

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Medium Stories HD YouTube Videos

Uploading your video to YouTube with video SEO.

Before we get to the SEO basics part of YouTube videos and Medium stories. We first need to introduce you to a few (Free) tools you will need when it comes to YouTube video SEO.

Below are the free tools you will need, the first 3 are browser extensions. And we are pretty sure that Google Trends needs no introduction. Google Trends basically points you in the right direction, while the browser extensions will polish your YouTube video SEO part.

We are just going to look at the basics of YouTube video SEO, where your video title, thumbnail, description, and some setting changes are of paramount importance. Because you can really rank any video page one position one on YouTube in 60 seconds or less. It is THAT easy!

However, we will provide you with the tools and basics. We want you to explore the tools and learn how to use them properly by following the tutorial videos with the tools.

That way, as opposed to handing you a bucket of fish, we prefer to teach you how to fish.

Use Google Trends to get the most searched topics and search phrases, based on a specific GEO location. This is really important from a marketing point of view because it establishes affordability.

It is pointless to try and promote affiliate offers to an audience you know cannot afford it. That completely defeats the purpose in the first place.

YouTube video SEO tips with medium stories.

Moving on to your YouTube video title. Try using your target search phrase, in this case “writing”, “medium writing”, making money”, and “affiliate marketing” ” We placed “writing” right at the beginning of the video as demonstrated.

It is important to use your primary target keyword and/or search phrase as close to the beginning of the YouTube video title as possible. Where possible, and within the context of the title.

Using it as the first word or phrase in the video title is highly recommended. After which you will move on to the video description, tags (keywords and search phrases), hashtags, and last but not least.

Ensuring that the video settings indicate the video language, along with the title, description, and tags language. Then you also want to include the publishing date and caption certification.

But we have already covered “how to rank any YouTube video page one in 60 seconds” in another Medium story. Therefore, you might want to read This Medium Story and dive deeper into YouTube video SEO with us.

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Medium Stories HD YouTube Videos

Using Google video ads to boost your exposure.

Admittedly, we came across this exceptionally “cheap” way of using Google Ads by pure chance. Because we are the “Click The Button And See What Happens” kind of people…lol!

But there’s so much more to this really affordable and laser-targeted paid traffic strategy than the price. Ultimately, you will have a lot of spectacular added advantages with this paid traffic strategy. These include.

  • Video Views.
  • Call-To-Action Button Redirect.
  • Channel Watch Time Increase.
  • Visitors To Affiliate Links In Description.
  • Benefit From Being On The “Up Next” List.

But this entire strategy too, we have already covered in much more detail and step-by-step guide. Which is why you need to read the Medium story below.

Because this entire strategy is a bit much to put into a single Medium article. And although it does require a bit of work, it is surely worth the effort. Why? Well, because it works!

With your “call-to-action” redirect, you can also choose to redirect to your Medium profile. Or any affiliate offer for that matter. But you cannot use affiliate links.

You want to create one-page websites, also known as “Bridge Pages”, with Canva or even Google Sites, or both. Because these URLs are accepted as the call-to-action redirect when you run Google Video Ads.

Conclusion of Medium stories into HD YouTube videos.

Turning your Medium stories into high-definition HD videos is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Take your time, we’re on a journey, this is not a contest. Basically, it comes down to a few steps, as mentioned below.

  • Turn Your Medium Story Into An HD YouTube Video.
  • Pay Attention To YouTube Video SEO.
  • Publish Your Video And Enjoy The Medium Exposure.
  • Run A Dirt-Cheap US Targeted Google Video Ad.

Running the video ad through Google Ads is important because it ensures constant views. Consistent response, and generally indicates higher interest in search engines.

YouTube videos that are “busy”, like your Medium story you just turned into an HD YouTube video. Will be more likely to get suggested as “Up Next” by the YouTube algorithm.

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Medium Stories HD YouTube Videos

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Medium Stories HD YouTube Videos

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