Have you been scouring the web for legit Jonathan Montoya affiliate program reviews with little to no luck? You’re on the right page for an actual legitimate review from one of his affiliates (me!) and I have made sales from his affiliate program.

Here’s a screenshot from Jonathan Montoya’s Instagram account recognizing me for making a high ticket sale:

Jonathan Montoya Affiliate Reviews Search Results

When you search for Jonathan Montoya affiliate reviews on Google, the top results are from reviews posted on LinkedIn, Quora, and some personal blogs.

The reviews may offer details about the affiliate program itself, but most reviewers do not share the results of making affiliate commissions with the affiliate program themselves.

There isn’t anything wrong with that when you are wanting more information. However, I’m going to show you my actual results and how I obtained them.

I hope that my results both encourage and motivate you if you are seeking out a good high-ticket product to recommend.

Let’s first discuss how Jonathan’s affiliate program works and how much you can make as an affiliate.

The Freedom Accelerator Affiliate Program

Jonathan Montoya’s affiliate program is called Freedom Accelerator. Freedom Accelerator is his full affiliate marketing training course and coaching program.

You do not have to invest in the Freedom Accelerator course to become an affiliate of it. Although, it is helpful to own the course and learn it inside and out so that you can provide a genuine review of it.

Besides that, you’d also get the weekly group coaching and even more up-to-date strategies from Jonathan himself so it is a benefit to invest in the course and coaching program.

The Jonathan Montoya affiliate program offers two commission options:

Jonathan Montoya Freedom Accelerator affiliate program

There is the 72-Hour Challenge commission at 40% and the webinar commission at 50%. When you promote the 72-Hour Challenge, you also get a 40% commission when anyone upgrades to the Freedom Accelerator course.

The webinar is solely to sell the Freedom Accelerator course. I prefer to promote the 72-Hour Challenge because it allows your referrals to get to know more about who Jonathan Montoya is and what he offers.

How the 72-Hour Challenge Funnel Works

The 72-Hour Challenge is an excellent low-ticket offer to recommend because it takes subscribers through the process of setting up their affiliate sales funnel.

Day One: The Freedom Roadmap

On day one of the funnel, Jonathan introduces himself and explains what affiliate marketing is and his method for making a full-time income online.

Jonathan Montoya affiliate program reviews for Freedom Accelerator

Students also have the opportunity to book their business adviser call which is a free service. This call will help students gain a better understanding of what Freedom Accelerator is and how it can help them create a successful online business.

Day Two: The Automated Sales System Using an UNFAIR Tool

On day two, students will learn about using a sales funnel, how it works, and how it automates an online business. They will also be introduced to Jonathan’s funnel software called Funnel Freedom.

Day Three: Three Secret Traffic Methods for Fast Results

To access day three, students will need to book their business adviser call and their business adviser will be able to unlock day three. I like that Jonathan has included the adviser calls. Many people do not follow through with online courses when it is done on their own.

I think having the business adviser call offers clarity and motivation to follow through and build their business.

When Does the Freedom Accelerator Affiliate Program Pay Commissions?

I have been receiving my commission payouts by the 16th of each month. You will need to have a minimum of $50 commissions in your account before you receive a payout.

Commissions are paid using PayPal. So far all payments have been made on time each time I’ve had a payment due.

How I Made My First Jonathan Montoya Affiliate Program Sales

As you can see from the screenshot below, I make sales from being a Jonathan Montoya affiliate. I’m writing this blog post in December of 2023 and here are some of the sales I’ve made in the past few months:

It’s no secret that you need traffic to send to your sales funnel to make affiliate commissions. There are a variety of ways to get traffic. It is a matter of learning a strategy and sticking with it until it works.

The most popular traffic source is social media, particularly short-form videos that are posted as Instagram reels, Facebook reels, or TikTok videos.

However, one of my favorite ways to get traffic and what I used to make the Freedom Accelerator affiliate commissions is from a blog.

I think many of the high ticket affiliate marketing courses don’t focus on blogging as much because it is a slow-going process. What many beginner affiliate marketers may not understand is when you begin to get a steady stream of traffic from a blog, it can last for a long time, oftentimes for years.

Here’s what you need for a basic blog:

  • A domain name
  • Web hosting
  • WordPress installed on your hosting account

I also recommend learning some basic SEO (search engine optimization) skills. I’ve been taking SEO courses at IMG and it has helped me tremendously with ranking my blog posts.

Getting steady traffic from social media also takes time. I think it’s a good idea to create a blog along with marketing on social media. Having multiple traffic sources is always wise.

Use a Sales Funnel

I made a basic sales funnel to promote the 72-Hour Challenge. However, if you aren’t sure how to set up or use a sales funnel, becoming a student of the 72-Hour Challenge will teach you how it works and how to easily set up your funnel.

A funnel is the best way to promote a high ticket course because you can build your email list and continue marketing to your list subscribers.

My Overall Opinion of the Jonathan Montoya Affiliate Program

I highly recommend Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Accelerator affiliate program if you are seeking a high-quality, high-ticket affiliate product in the MMO (make money online) niche. Here are my reasons why:

Jonathan is Accessible

You can find Jonathan Montoya on all of the social media platforms. He posts YouTube videos regularly and he has a large Facebook Group that he posts in often.

The Product Converts

Jonathan’s sales funnel converts into sales. His products are good and his follow-up is excellent. This is key because you don’t want to waste time recommending a course and online coach who doesn’t help their students. You can rest assured that you are recommending a reputable online coach and product.

Freedom Accelerator Commissions are Great

The price of Freedom Accelerator is currently $1997. As an affiliate, you make a 40% commission which means earning $798 for every sale that you refer.

Commissions are Paid On Time Every Time

Nothing is worse than receiving affiliate commissions late. I have experienced this from one company and I’ve had to contact them on several occasions to ask about my commission payouts. That is not an issue with Jonathan Montoya. He pays out commissions on time.

Closing Thoughts

Regardless of how many Jonathan Montoya affiliate program reviews you read, my best piece of advice for making commissions is to stay consistent with your content creation.

Whether you create content on social media or create a blog, no matter what traffic source you use, stay consistent.

It is difficult to build up momentum if you only post content sporadically. If I can give any credit to the sales that I have made besides the products themselves, it has been my consistency with content creation.