Stop wasting money on fake likes and shares introduction.

Fake likes and shares mean wasting money and you really should stop wasting money. Avoid those fake likes, fake shares, and fake bulk traffic packages like the plague. They do much more damage than you can imagine. Took us months to remove the infestation from our blog! Avoid fake traffic packages, likes, and fake shares.

You will never generate any sales, or gain any reputation with these fake traffic, likes and shares packages. They are mostly as fake as the people promoting them (usually faceless profiles too). We will not mention any sites, but you know about those bulk packages and gigs.

Then we have the “SEO Experts” (I are specialising professional writer in SEO creation content, ranking fast guarantees) Pfff…yes, we’re sure your SEO content will rank like a rocket! It shines through your message…lol! Cheap, only $5…yeah, go step on a Lego!

If you are familiar with the work involved in writing SEO content, then you will recognise the obvious fake. You are going to write an SEO-optimized article, which can take days of research, for $5. Really? No, you are going to use AI to create content! Anyone can do that themselves!

Just stop wasting your money on these offers. If you are going to spend money on fake traffic. Then you might just as well spend your money on real, GEO, and interested targeted traffic! But we are working on another article on Medium.

Where you will learn how to use 3 paid traffic strategies, for pennies to the dollar. And generate much more sales than you can imagine. So, feel free to subscribe to us on Medium. You do not want to miss out on that upcoming Medium story. If you would like to generate more sales, that is.

Anything saying bulk means fake robotic hits.

We might be stepping on some scammer’s toes, but who cares? It’s time that beginner affiliate marketers know the truth. Because it’s the beginners that are “conned” into this! We know, we got “conned” out of over $1000 this way when just getting started back in the 14th century!

Let us tell you, in ZAR (South African Rand), that’s around R19,000! Double what the average person earns per month in South Africa! So, we “wasted” a lot of money, so you don’t have to. Please stop wasting your money on fake traffic packages, likes, followers, and shares!

We had to spend months removing fake, faceless profiles with no bio or posts from our Twitter and Instagram alone! Bulk packages are the perfect way to build a flower count of 1 million followers. With not a single response. Because they are all fake profiles!

Please don’t fall into the same “trap” that we did. Spending a fortune, only to sacrifice months to repair the damage. Like all affiliate marketing beginners, we were looking for the “quick buck”. There is no such thing, especially with fake traffic!

Another reason to avoid these fake traffic packages, likes, shares, and followers. Especially with affiliate marketing, is that these fake traffic packages influence the ranking and SEO score of the affiliate offer. Therefore, the vendor will most probably ban you from promoting their products!

Instead, use your money for paid ads avoiding the fake.

There are several paid ad options, which will cost you a bit more. But at least it is real people. But it is also a GEO location and interest-targeted visitors. Increasing your chance at sales considerably.

Real USA targeted traffic, the cheapest we could ever come across is around $0.012 cents per click. This is with Google Video Ads for instance, but there are several other options.

Depending on the paid traffic strategy you choose to use. High-quality GEO location and interest-targeted traffic will cost you from $0.012 cents to $0.20 cents and up to $0.30 per visitor.

So, just to prove to you the “fake”. “250,000 USA Visitors For $10” means, $0.004 cents per “click”. Please tell us you’re joking! USA targeted visitors at that price? We’re kind, not stupid, not anymore anyway…lol!

We are not going to give that away just yet, because we are preparing an upcoming Medium story on that. Detailed instructions on how to use these paid traffic options for an affiliate marketing sales explosion. As mentioned earlier, you might want to subscribe to not miss out on that one.

We will however reveal the Medium story title you need to be on the lookout for – “Paid Traffic VS Free Traffic With Affiliate Marketing!”. You will have access to a step-by-step illustrated guide through paid ads.

With paid ads, there are quite a few things you should know, targeting being the most important. But as is the link, because you cannot use affiliate links. You can however generate sales with affiliate offers using our link approval strategies.

Conclusion of wasting money on fake followers and shares.

High-quality traffic costs money and you must avoid these fake traffic packages, likes, shares, and followers. Stop wasting your money and damaging your reputation. If you want bot traffic, then one of the numerous fake traffic software available.

Just don’t expect any results, be sure you have money to waste when going that route. Unless you want to “conn” other people into fake traffic packages. There is no honour in that!

Beginner affiliate marketers looking for traffic to generate sales are often rather desperate. Falling into these traps quite easily. We despise the action of conning already needy people out of money they cannot afford to spend!

They are starting with affiliate marketing because they need money in the first place! Then get exploited by these false offers, fake profiles, fake traffic, fake followers, fake likes, and fake shares. We will not name the sites, just stay away from any bulk packages and save yourself a lot of agony!

What to do next after reading this blog post.

If you found this Blog Post helpful, kindly let us know in the comments. We would love to hear your opinion. Did you know that these fake likes and shares mean wasting money? Do you struggle with driving traffic, generating sales, creating content, or writing?

If you need help with anything, we speak “Blogging” and “Writing” and “Affiliate Marketing” rather fluently, so feel free to reach out any time. With that, our “Fake Likes And Shares Mean Wasting Money!” blog post is concluded.

Now you know that fake likes and shares mean wasting money! What will you do next?

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