Are you looking to advertise on Instagram? There is no doubt that social media networks have carved a place out in modern culture and their rise has allowed marketers to connect with consumers like never before. Take Instagram for example, a Facebook-owned social network that has more than 1 billion monthly active users, making it one of the best places to launch an affiliate advertising campaign.

With the above in mind, launching affiliate marketing campaign on Instagram requires a lot of creativity, and this doesn’t only apply to the posts that need to be created. After all, Instagram doesn’t allow you to share links on every single post, so you need to learn how to maneuver this platform and read your audience to build successful campaigns.

we’ve worked with countless affiliates that generate traffic through Instagram and other social networks. Below, we’ll take a look at the different ways you can promote on Instagram, explain the ad formats available, and provide tips on building an affiliate campaign on the platform.

What Is Instagram Advertising?

Before going any further, let’s explore the different marketing and advertising alternatives you have available on Instagram.

Affiliates have different alternatives if they want to promote products or services through Instagram. These can be divided into paid Instagram campaigns and organic (or unpaid) efforts.

As the name suggests, paid Instagram advertising campaigns to consist of ads that are placed throughout relevant users’ feeds. Affiliates can choose from a huge collection of ad sources, all of which were designed to help forge a stronger link with the target audience.

Organic campaigns can include posts, reshares, stories, and other unpaid distribution channels on the platform. The goal of organic campaigns is to develop high-quality content that naturally attracts a larger following without the need to pay for ad spots.

There is no exact formula that can assure you success, so you need to take a look at your specific circumstances and determine what the best alternative is. That said, most affiliates benefit from having a healthy balance of both, so we will go over the specifics of both paid and unpaid campaigns.

Is an Instagram Campaign the Best Option for You?

Indeed, Instagram is not one of the top 3 most popular social media platforms, but this doesn’t mean that you should avoid running a campaign through this network. On the contrary, this image-centric network has become one of the most profitable places to promote affiliate programs. The reason for this is that Instagram features a collection of engaging features, which translates to more receptive users.

Not only this, but Instagram is the best social network to reach users between the ages of 18 and 34 years old. As a matter of fact, almost 650 million Instagram users fall under this category. This, combined with the ability to create shoppable posts and similar features, has transformed this network into a prime place to launch your next campaign.

The Cost of advertise on Instagram

The cost of running an Instagram advertising campaign varies depending on the number of ads you create, the formats you choose, and the areas you target. Remember, you also have the option of launching partial or fully organic campaigns, which have lower costs than paying for advertising. That said, also remember that organic techniques will also have a longer turnaround.

As with other paid advertising platforms, Instagram uses an in-house algorithm that takes into consideration a huge collection of variables to determine how much you pay per click or impression. If you want to help keep your costs low, remember that building a loyal audience and receiving positive feedback from your users is among the different things that can reduce the price of each interaction.

Types of Instagram Ads

advertise on instagram

Anyone that has ever used Instagram knows that the whole point of the platform is to share either attractive or functional content in the form of videos (including live streams) or images. Instagram has actually developed a series of ad formats that help businesses get their marketing messages across in a more effective way while also creating a great experience for the target audience.

Keep in mind that all of these ad formats have pre-set call-to-action (CTA) buttons and objectives, so you will need to choose these two from an existing list of options.

Let’s take a look at the ad types available on Instagram at the time of writing and what objectives you can choose for these campaigns.

  • Stories ads – app installs, brand awareness, conversions, store traffic, and other goals
  • Photo ads – installs, brand awareness, conversions, lead generation, and more
  • Video ads – video views, install, building awareness, lead generation, and more
  • Carousel ads – catalog sales, reach, conversions, app installs, traffic, and more
  • Collection ads – catalog sales, traffic, store traffic, conversions
  • Explore ads – installs, video views, traffic, lead gen, conversions, and more
  • IGTV ads – brand awareness, reach, video views
  • Instagram Shopping ads – awareness, link click, post engagement, conversions, and reach

How to Choose the Best Ads and Techniques for Instagram

Every single affiliate is different. This means that you need to play on your strengths and develop Instagram campaigns based on the things you do well.

Also note that there are different types of affiliate publishers, so it also boils down to the type of content you want to create. If you are more comfortable creating content for paid advertising, tracking analytics, and working on this type of campaign then you should opt for a strategy that employs mainly paid ads.

If you are more into creating content for actual posts, engaging your audiences, and even recording yourself for marketing purposes, you’ll probably get better results from an organic campaign.

It’s important to understand that, unlike other popular platforms, Instagram actually allows you to use affiliate links. That said, remember that you can’t place a link anywhere on the social network. There’s actually a very limited number of areas that allow links, with the most popular spaces being IGTV descriptions, in Instagram Stories, and on the user bio.

Affiliates are only able to place one link in each one of these areas. So, these marketers need to think in advance about the best way to boost traffic to their affiliate links. The good news is that high-quality video and image content helps users understand the benefits of the product or service being promoted, creating a clearer path towards a conversion.

Steps to Launch a Paid Advertising Campaign on Instagram

Creating an Instagram advertising campaign requires a significant amount of research, but you also need to keep a close eye on the performance of your content once it’s live.

Before you start creating your campaign, think about the audience you want to target and the type of content that attracts these users. For example, if you’re planning on joining Nutra programs, your Instagram advertising campaign can feature healthy recipes and other types of content that have a high chance of engaging the target audience.

There are countless strategies you can implement to create an organic campaign and these depend heavily on your preferences.

Paid Instagram campaigns, on the other hand, follow a slightly more predictable path. These also need to be tailored to each affiliate, but there are several steps that almost all marketers go through while developing a paid ads campaign on Instagram.

These steps include:

Get Familiar with Facebook Ads Manager

While it’s possible to do some promotions directly through the Instagram app, the best way to manage your paid campaign is through Facebook ads manager. If you’re not already using it, the first step should be to get familiar with this platform and learn how to use it to adjust your campaign.

Choose Formats and Establish Your Objectives

As the first step in your campaign creation process, you need to choose which format you will work with. Ad formats on Instagram vary tremendously, so you should choose the best option based on the resources at your disposal.

Next, you should set up the objectives you want to achieve. Remember, you’ll need to select from a predefined list and some formats only have a limited number of options available.

Set the Target Audience

Once you choose the format and select your objectives, you can set the target audience. This is where the magic of social Media paid campaigns really happens. After all, users proactively share a huge amount of information about themselves with these platforms, which gives Instagram and similar networks the ability to provide extensive targeting options.

Select Ad Placements

Instagram is now owned by Facebook, which means that your ads can appear across both social networks if you so wish. Note that the default campaign settings will show your ads across both Facebook and Instagram, so you need to adjust this if you only want to target Instagrammers.

Besides choosing to show your ads only on Instagram, you’ll also be able to select whether your ads appear in feeds, stories, or both.

Decide on a Budget and Schedule

It’s safe to assume that most affiliates have experience with budgeting Google ads, Facebook ads, or other types of paid online campaigns. Instagram is no different because it allows you to set both a daily and monthly budget cap, so you won’t exceed your projected spending at any point.

In this step, you’ll also have to choose your schedule, including the start and end date of the campaign. And, you also have the ability to create custom schedules, which means that your ads will only be displayed when you want them to be.

Create Your Ads and Monitor Performance

Finally, it’s time to put together the different ads you’ll run. As a general rule of thumb, you should create multiple versions of each ad, run them at the same time, and measure their performance against each other. This will give you a good idea of what works and which versions need to be eliminated.

Ready to Launch an Affiliate Instagram Campaign?

There is no doubt that advertises on Instagram is one of the best ways to promote affiliate links. We hope that our guide above allows you to create top-notch Instagram campaigns for affiliate marketing for your favorite advertisers.

Originally posted 2023-09-07 22:46:19.