Targeted USA Google Ads Traffic To Affiliate Links?

No, it is not a “mistake”, and no, you don’t even need your own hosted domain. You can get USA-targeted Google Video Ads Traffic at $0,012 Cents per ad view of 30 seconds and longer to your affiliate links!

Perhaps it’s news to you, perhaps not. A Back Door Through YouTube And Canva!

What I love even more about this “back door” strategy is the fact that you only pay when someone views your ad for 30 seconds or longer! That’s like sales on steroids in my opinion, and experience!

As with any of my content marketing strategies you see on Medium, I test them first. Therefore, with this one, I can guide you step-by-step too. I hope you are as excited as I am about this latest discovery (for me anyway).

I have never given Google Ads much thought because I lost horribly for a really long time. Just wish I discovered this “back door” sooner! This completely changed my opinion about paid ads!

I used to find the whole process of Google Ads approval especially, time-consuming, exhausting, and a complete waste of energy! Not any more, I can tell you that!

All images for demonstration purposes are in South African Rand (ZAR), exchange rate? At the time of this article, $1 would cost R18.29 (ZAR), Imagine my surprise when I only had to pay R0.22 (22 South African Cents) per ad view of 30 seconds or longer.

Google Video Ads With YouTube Costing Explained.

That is $0,012 cents for my USA readers, you will pay less than a cent! In fact, almost a tenth of a cent. For a measly R120 per day, I got 2K – 5.6K impressions. 1.4K – 2.9K views of 30 seconds or longer. Insane, right?

google video ads setting your budget

As you can see from the illustrations, the South African Rand was pretty weak at the time of writing this article. Now you know why I prefer getting paid in Dollars, for obvious reasons.

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Google Video Ads $0,012 Cents Per Click

Below you can see the exchange rate to the dollar where you only pay 0,012 cents per ad view. Providing you are part of my United States audience, in South Africa the ad will cost you 22 cents per visit.

dollar south african rand exchange rate

This had me pretty excited, but not nearly as excited as the results! Do this right, and I think you may change your opinion about Google Ads too! I’m pretty sure you may be rather excited to get started, so let’s get into the strategy, shall we?

The “Back Door” Strategy With Free Websites!

All you will need is a free tool called Canva, which I have mentioned several times in other posts. Canva is one of the best design websites for images, videos, websites, social posts, and just about any design you can think of.

Video Thumbnails For Google Video Ads.

Video thumbnails, presentations, logos, flyers, the options are endless. If you are not yet using Canva, especially as a beginner in affiliate marketing? Then I sincerely suggest you do so and attract a lot more attention to your content and content marketing strategies.

create a one-page website with Canva

For this strategy to work, you will need to create one-page websites (with Canva) for the affiliate products you wish to use in the Google Ads. Because the URL is accepted by Google ads, you also get to use a call to action button with your ad.

The longest I have waited for any of these ad approvals was less than 15 minutes! But there are a few things you need to consider when creating your Canva website.

The simplicity of using Google Ads with this strategy to generate sales with affiliate marketing is astonishing, believe me. It just so happened that I pressed the right button at the right time and discovered something new (to me).

Google sites, by the way, will also get approved, the same way as the Canva sites do. The choice is yours, personally, I find Canva sites a little easier to understand.

How To Create Your One-Page Website!

When creating your one-page website with Canva or Google Sites, the first impression counts. This is where you must create curiosity, because although the ads are That Cheap? Your content will always be the primary reason for the best conversion or sales.

The ability to create curiosity is what turns a scroll into a click, a click into a visitor, and a visitor into a sale. Focus much of this curiosity on the first page with Canva websites because that will also be the image that will be displayed on mobile devices.

Canva one-page website example display

The first page is the first thing your visitor sees when visiting your website. It is of paramount importance you mention the benefits, Why should your visitor buy your affiliate offer?

Base your first-page design on offering a solution to a commonly identified need within your niche. This Google Ads strategy works for any niche, I have tested it with the digital marketing and Keto diets niches. Works just fine!

Open the website to the affiliate product you wish to promote for images and presentational ideas. Also, use content from the particular product affiliate website. Create a different Canva website for every different affiliate offer.

Being a little creative is the key to conversion with these one-page websites, but these are just half of what you need. The Canva website makes up 50% of the content needed for this strategy.

I strongly advise you to get to know your way around Canva, so take your time and create quality. Offering solutions will always be a winner, regardless of the niche you are in.

How To Leverage YouTube And Canva!

With this particular strategy, you will be combining Canva websites and YouTube videos. No, you do not need to create a single video. You are simply going to use videos with the Creative Commons license.

Meaning, you are allowed to use and upload those videos to your YouTube channel without any copyright violations.

In some cases, a copyright strike on the videos I am mentioning merely means that the video owner will still receive all YouTube ad revenue for the video. Perfectly safe to use this Google Ads strategy.

You want to search YouTube for reviews, or walkthrough videos about your affiliate offer. Many Clickbank and Warrior Plus affiliate products have lots of promotional videos you can use to promote their products.

From there you can decide which one is best to use, but you also want to be sure you are searching for Creative Commons videos. Simply set the filter on your search page on YouTube.

Getting Your Google Video Ads Ready With The Right Video.

Once you have your affiliate product review video, you want to click on the video share button and copy that link. Then open a tool called YT5s (dot) com, paste the link and follow the steps to get the video you must upload to YouTube.

As I have covered that before, I am sure you will be able to find your way with this. Should there be anything about this content marketing strategy not quite clear, like uploading videos, creating websites, creating Google Ads accounts, etc.

Then there are hundreds of YouTube videos that will show you exactly how to create Canva websites or a Google Ads account. But even if you do not yet have a Google Ads account, with the click of one button you will be guided regardless.

Therefore you can safely even start right at the beginning with this content marketing strategy. 100% beginner friendly.

Google video ads settings and call to action

Above you can see how Canva and YouTube are joined together with the Canva website as the “landing page”. This is just a screenshot of the Google Ad you will be creating next. Just to give you an idea.

You have your landing page (affiliate offer) or one-page website with Canva. Along with the product review video

Creating Your USA Traffic Google Ad Step-By-Step!

Once your affiliate product Creative Commons video is uploaded to your YouTube channel, you are ready to blast high-quality, targeted USA visitors to any affiliate product.

You now have 100% of the ingredients you need to start generating sales with Google Video Ads. Your affiliate offer review video on your YouTube channel, and your Canva website for the particular offer.

But you also want to use the Canva YouTube Thumbnail template to create a high-quality thumbnail for your affiliate product review video. Create curiosity, and make your visitor want to know more.

Inside your “your videos” section with your YouTube channel, hovering your cursor over the descriptions will provide you with options. Click on the 3 dots as illustrated below.

navigation for your Google video ads

Next, you click on “promote”, and it will either take you to your Google Ads account if you have one. If not, just follow the steps to create your free Google ads account.

Once you have clicked the “promote’ button and selected which Google Ads account to use. Now the illustration in this tutorial outlines the different steps to complete when creating your Google Video ad with a call to action button.

Basically, all you have to do is pay attention and read what everything is for. Each step plays its own role in getting the most out of your Google Ads at a ridiculously cheaper alternative to the usual Google Ads.

Google Video Ads Are Much Cheaper Than Google Ads.

In many cases, the usual Google Ads may cost you way in excess of $1 – $2 per click. Approval is often a nightmare for beginners especially. Which I think is precisely why this strategy is so priceless.

Your ad should automatically be added, and the details displayed as illustrated below. Be sure to set the ad for “Drive video views and traffic to a website”.

For the “landing page” used with the call to action button in your Google video ad you include your, yes, you guessed it. Your Canva one-page website URL.

You will also have options of text you want to display as your call to action button.

Google video ad display

Just take your time, pay attention and be sure to get all the info right. Targeting the wrong audience because you’re in a hurry completely defeats the purpose.

Google Video Ads Require a Striking Headline.

Choose a striking headline, you only have 15 characters. Make them count and use them to create curiosity. Again, be creative and use the information about your affiliate offer to create the kind of headline that will attract attention.

Next, you want to specify who you want to see your ad. This is set via location, in this case, a USA audience. Be sure that for this audience the language is set to English. These are 2 very important areas of your audience targeting.

setting locations and interests

Please do not forget about setting the audience’s interests as seen above. Be specific so you can reach the kind of audience that is searching the internet for your particular affiliate product.

If it solves a problem within your niche, well, then it is something they will be looking for. People are searching the internet for solutions. Your job as a marketer is to provide them with those solutions.

Be A Problem Solver With The Affiliate Product You Offer.

It all comes down to the right product, to the right audience, at the right time, with the best solution. Location, language, and interests are the one explosive sales combination I know of.

Because there is a lot more about affiliate marketing than meets the eye, GEO location establishes affordability. Targeting top-tier countries is used to promote high-ticket affiliate products.

Some pay in excess of $1000 per sale, which is why this part of the process is so important. With high-ticket affiliate offers, you only need a few per month to make quite a bit of money!

When you click on the pencil icon with all 3 of these targeting options, it will take you to the page where you will complete the sections. Just follow along. It is really easy to do.

Go slow, no rush. It is well worth figuring out and understanding this content marketing strategy. One thing I can guarantee is that it will change your perception of paid ads once you have mastered these simple steps.

setting your GEO location for your target audience

Furthermore, you want to target your audience based on gender and age. You may want to target a male audience for instance with “men’s health”, or a female audience for “women’s health”.

Or both when you promote affiliate products related to both sexes, making money, losing weight, gardening or whatever products may interest everyone within said niche.

setting gender and age for your Google video ad

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Google Video Ads $0,012 Cents Per Click

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this post are links to affiliate offers. If you visit them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is entirely up to you. All offers come with a full 30-60 days, no questions asked, money-back guarantee!

Google Video Ads $0,012 Cents Per Click

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Google Video Ads $0,012 Cents Per Click

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