If you’ve ever caught yourself in a daydream, wondering what was going on at the very same moment somewhere else in the world, a new art installation makes the dream a reality.

On May 8, a pair of portals were installed; one in Manhattan’s Flatiron neighborhood in New York City, and a second in Dublin, Ireland. Viewers can look into the large circular screen and see a real-time stream of the opposite city.

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“Conceived as a testament to the power of art to transcend physical barriers, The Portal forms an unprecedented visual bridge between these two iconic cities,” The Flatiron Nomad Partnership said in a release. “Each sculpture features a 24/7 visual livestream from the Portal in the other city, allowing real-time interaction between New Yorkers, Dubliners, and visitors to these two global destinations. “

In NYC, the portal is placed next to the picturesque Flatiron building at Flatiron South Public Plaza at the intersection of Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 23rd St. In Dublin, the portal faces O’Connell Street, Dublin’s major Main Street with views of the GPO building and the Spire.

The portal was set to run through the fall but was shut down on Monday afternoon in Dublin due to a technical glitch, according to a spokesperson, though many on social media believe the real reason is due to a series of insensitive and disturbing images shown between the two countries.

“There was a brief interruption of the livestream between the Dublin and New York City Portals this morning, due to a technical glitch in the software,” a spokesperson told the Irish Mirror. “Our technical team is looking into the cause to improve the stability of the livestream moving forward. The nature of the project, providing a 24/7 livestream, is such that sometimes interruptions will occur due to technical glitches, maintenance or simple software updates.”

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Later this month, the portals are scheduled to present a program of cultural performances that each country can experience at the same time.

The project is being run in partnership with the Simons Foundation, NYC DOT Art, Dublin City Council, and the EU Capital of Smart Tourism.

As of late Monday afternoon, Dublin’s portal appeared to still be turned off.

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