To wrap up 2022’s Writer Success Stories, we’d like to introduce you to writer Michele Fair. She seeks out constant inspiration both at and away from her writing desk, takes time to plan ahead to hit her deadlines, and savors the flexibility that freelance writing affords her.

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How did you hear about Constant Content, when did you join the platform, and how did you start earning with us as a freelance writer?

I heard about Constant Content through a fellow writer I met online at the time. She highly recommended them, so I decided that I would give them a try. This was just after I left a full-time job working as an office assistant to pursue my goal of working as a full-time writer. After submitting my test articles and getting approved, I began working for my first client through the platform in November of 2015. The first direct client I had was a website and travel-based company called Zozi, which focused on creating a directory of fun activities and tours based on locations all over the world. The content consisted of landing pages, and that was my very first significant assignment with Constant Content as part of a team and via private requests.

What type of content have you created for Constant Content, and what are your favorite types of assignments?

I’ve done quite a few different types of assignments for Constant Content including landing pages, blogs, and product descriptions. One of my favorite clients was Wayfair since home goods and home décor (furniture, etc.) are my main niche. I had the opportunity to write quite a few landing pages for Wayfair based on several different categories of products, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also quite enjoy writing product descriptions, and I helped provide tens of thousands of them for Hayneedle alone! Doing product descriptions for CVS Pharmacy is also extremely enjoyable for me. However, I would have to say that blog-style content and landing or category pages are by far my favorite things to write in terms of a content type.

What is it like working with Constant Content compared to other freelance platforms?

The communication between writers and the staff at Constant Content is awesome! Keeping the lines of communication open is invaluable, especially when you’re dealing with different clients who all have various specific guidelines and needs. The ability to talk to my team leaders either through email or live on the Slack app is extremely helpful whenever I have a question or need assistance with something specific. I also like the fact that the terrific staff here really does appreciate their quality writers, and they make sure to let them know. I am often told that I’m valued, which is unfortunately quite rare in the world of freelancing. The expression of gratitude is certainly something that helps to make Constant Content stand apart from the sea of other freelance platforms out there.

Why write for Constant Content? 
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You’ve found success connecting with clients who like your work and come back to you for more. How did you get connected with those clients?

Almost every long-term client I’ve had through the Constant Content platform came to me by way of an enterprise team that I was recruited to, either via casting call or direct request. Once you’re on a team doing work that you really enjoy, most clients will continue to give you more work as you go. It’s very important to listen carefully and understand what the client wants and iron out any misunderstandings or discrepancies as soon as you can. The client has a duty to make their goals and expectations clear to you, but as a writer, it’s your duty to make sure that you’re giving them what they want, too. Keeping the lines of communication open and responding to feedback is the best way to not only find new clients but to maintain long-term relationships with the ones you like working with.

Can you give us a glimpse of your daily writing process so other writers can learn how it leads to writer success?

I typically write out my assignments using a weekday calendar. The calendar is basically a notepad with tear-away sheets, and each sheet has columns that show the different days of the week. The week prior, I enter deadlines into each day’s column, then use those as a guide to help me make sure that I am on track and don’t miss a deadline. I also try to work early in the morning as I find that my brain tends to work at its best early in the day. I typically tend to burn out by the afternoon. However, if you happen to be more of a night owl, then you might do better by working during the evening hours. The trick is to find what schedule and pace truly work for you so that you get into a good groove. Once you find a good rhythm, it’s easier to stay focused on each individual task without overdoing it. It’s also important to only take what you can handle. That way, you’re always putting your best writing foot forward while also minding your mental health and well-being.

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How does writing for Constant Content enhance your creative writing practice and accommodate your lifestyle outside of writing for the platform?

I am grateful every single day for the opportunity to be a freelance writer. Not only has it allowed me to learn new techniques and expand my horizons, but it gives me the freedom to do much more with my time. Instead of being tied to a normal schedule like you would be when working for a company as an employee, writing has afforded me the ability to go on a day trip if I want to, take a sick day if I need to, and schedule things like my pet’s veterinary appointments any time I need to. The ability to be flexible in general is invaluable to me. As for the creative writing practice, just writing every day helps me improve my skills and encourages me to branch out and try new things.

What learning resources have you previously used or currently use to hone your craft?

Every writer has their own voice, so I feel like writing is something that is special and unique to each individual. However, I do enjoy talking to other writers, especially when I need to gain some insight or get fresh inspiration. I also think the simple act of reading is a wonderful way to hone your craft as a writer. Find a genre and a few authors that you really admire and enjoy and use those books as a source to inspire you. I do use Grammarly as an online tool to help me with any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Hemmingway is another excellent (and free) resource you can use to help you with things like making sure your sentences are in the present tense and monitoring readability levels.

Do you have a passion or creative outlet, outside of your writing, that enhances your life as a writer?

I am lucky in that my niche is also my passion. I absolutely love home design and interior décor, and I am constantly working on new ways to make my home more beautiful and functional. My husband and I bought a brand-new home in 2020 (right at the start of the pandemic!) and I’ve been working on making it my own ever since. I am always scouring online stores, thrift shops, and designer blogs to get inspired. Not only does this get me excited about my own house, but it’s also a great way to get fresh ideas for a lot of the content that I write.

Do you have any final words of wisdom to help the Constant Content writers find their own writer success?

Keep at it and never give up! Continue to try new things until you find the writing style and the client that works best for you and your personal style. Always look for new work and continue to communicate with the people at Constant Content. You should also be honest about things that concern you and about the type of work you’re willing to take on. It’s perfectly fine to say no if the writing isn’t for you or if you’re feeling overwhelmed. When it comes to writing, it’s all about finding balance.

Author photo by Michele Fair. Images by Unsplash, Pixabay