SEO Article Writing Tips For Beginners Introduction.

These 10 article SEO writing tips for beginners will guide you through paramount indexing and ranking factors with article writing SEO. Like the article title, introduction and conclusion, first lines of text, and presentation image when writing articles for SEO purposes.

But article writing SEO also includes image attributes, captions and provenance, and subheadings. With article writing SEO, there are also sentence and paragraph length, keyword density, required disclosures, and both internal and external linking.

With this article, we will cover each of these 10 paramount factors with SEO article writing tips for beginners as extensively as possible. Follow these SEO writing tips as a beginner writer with SEO. And your articles should do just fine with indexing and ranking in search engines.

10 Most Basic Beginner SEO Article Writing Tips.

Article writing with SEO is basically the art of telling search engines what your content is about. But doing so with style, purpose and viable solutions with high-quality content.

Never forget that search engines are businesses like any other and they want to provide their “customers” with the “best product”. So with SEO and article writing you need to come up with better solutions and tips than the current ranking content.

As a beginner with SEO article writing though, you need to accept the fact that you must gather knowledge. Because knowledge (through failure) is the only way you are going to outwrite your competitors!

We will briefly look at these 10 indexing and ranking factors next. But we will cover these 10 SEO article writing tips for beginners in more detail during this article. We strongly suggest you read the entire article to the end. Below are listed the 10 SEO topics we will cover next.

  • Article Title Or H1 Header.
  • Introduction And Conclusion.
  • First 2 To 4 Lines Of Text.
  • Presentation Image.
  • Image Alt Attributes, Caption And Provenance.
  • Topic Specific H2 Subheadings.
  • Sentence And Paragraph Length.
  • Target Keyword Density.
  • Required Disclosures (Where Applicable).
  • Internal And External Linking.

When you look at all these as a whole, what do you see? Yes, all that SEO actually is. Is the ability to tell search engines what your writing is about with as much precision as possible.

There are 2 major SEO ranking factors, which are site load speed (especially on mobile devices), and user experience (UX). Readability plays an important role in UX for both search engines and visitors alike. Therefore, plays a paramount role in SEO article writing.

Trending Topics For Beginner SEO Article Writing.

SEO article writing tips for beginners start with trending topics, which in turn requires quite a bit of research. One of our favourite tools is Google Trends. However, there are a few research tools you will need for keywords, search phrases, and trending topics research. You will be “shocked” at some of the most searched USA topics!

As can be seen illustrated below, just as an example with SEO Article Writing Tips For Beginners and trending topics. One such trending topic in the United States is “What IS My IP Address?”. 823,000 USA searches per month!

SEO article writing tips with Google Trends

But these are just examples of trending topics and how to use Google Trends. Writing engaging articles means offering content related to a trending topic, preferably solving a problem in some way. Because your content must get you noticed as a “problem solver”.

Out of all 10 SEO Article Writing Tips For Beginners, among the most important are trending topics. Outwriting the current ranking content for a specific topic is where the challenge increases. Coming up with better content and solutions is often easier said than written.

Obviously, we are not suggesting everyone now rushes off and starts creating content about “What is my IP address” and “What time is it”. There it is illustrated below. Can you believe that “What time is it” receives over a million searches on Google per month? That is from the United States alone!

SEO article writing tips for beginners with Google Trends

That is how you use Google Trends to find trending topics with article writing. Once you have your trending topics ready. Your SEO Writing must convince both search engines and your readers that this is the content they have been looking for.

Beginner SEO Article Title Or Header Writing Tips.

While it will not be easy, you want to avoid using English Stop Words with H1 Headers AKA – Titles. It is a rather long list of words, and you might want to follow that link to take a look. Using “The” as a title beginning for instance is not a good SEO idea.

Your article title or H1 header must contain the search phrases or target keyword. But we all know that, right? Yes, but the “key” is to get it as close to the title beginning as possible. Preferably right at the beginning which can prove rather challenging. Because it must be done within the context of the sentence or title.

When it comes to SEO article writing for beginners and professional writers alike. There are 3 paramount areas to focus on with SEO article writing tips. Because these 3 areas form part of how your article presentation is displayed in search engines.

With SEO article writing the title, presentation image and first few lines of text are the most important bits. As can be seen illustrated below, this is one of our Medium stories that are indexed in search engines.

Choosing the article title determines where your article shows up in search engines. In this case, the “search phrase” is “turn Medium stories into HD YouTube videos”.

SEO article writing tips to rank page one position one

This particular title is made up of high volume short tail (single word) keywords. Forming a title that offers several variables of search phrases that the article can show up in search engines for. Like “Medium stories”, “YouTube videos”, and “HD YouTube videos” for instance.

This concludes step one with the 10 SEO Article Writing Tips For Beginners blog post. We will go through all of this step-by-step, so you understand the role SEO plays when it comes to article writing. Whether you write for your blog or any other article writing site like Medium.

First 2 To 4 Lines of Text With Article Writing SEO.

With the first 2 to 4 lines of text or sentences, you want to include the title exactly as it is used. Then populate these first lines of text with your target keywords and search phrases. But why is this so important?

With both blogging and article writing SEO on Medium, you have 2 options when it comes to the Meta description. You can choose to write a separate Meta description for each article. Or you can let the “default settings” just use the first few lines of text.

This is usually the case with Medium especially as illustrated below. Another one of our indexed Medium stories. Showing the importance of the first few lines of text, also used with the search result snippet. Notice how the full article title is displayed.

In this case, “working from home jobs” is the primary target search phrase. Being among the most competitive search phrases. It will take some time before the article starts ranking for search phrase variables. But that is just how SEO works, showing up in search results for the exact title is the “easy” part.

SEO article writing tips for beginners featured snippets

Remember that the suggested Meta description length is usually around 160 characters. But that means also counting spaces as part of the 160 characters. Therefore, your first 2 sentences must contain your exact article title along with target keywords and search phrases.

Importance Of Article Writing With Presentation Images.

Among the 10 SEO Article Writing Tips For Beginners, there are also presentation images. When you use presentation images or any images. You might want to focus on PNG format images for site load speed. We find that PNG format images create a balance between image quality and load speed.

Presentation images with SEO article writing tips for beginners form part of the first impression. Meaning, that which your visitor sees first, as can be seen in the illustration above. Your presentation is what turns a scroll into a visitor.

With most home page feeds like social media, and search engine result pages. The presentation image (or the first image used with your article) will get cropped from the sides and used as a thumbnail. Therefore, always focus any text message on the centre of the image.

Caption, Alt And Provenance For Beginner Article SEO.

What are image alt attributes?

Image alt attributes enhance accessibility and understanding. Alternative text, (Alt Attributes) is a short text description of the image. Professionally crafted alt attributes make your writing more accessible to both readers and search engines, therefore, improving your SEO ranking capability. All image text areas listed below must be completed.

  • Image Alt Attribute.
  • Image Captions.
  • Image Description.
  • Image Provenance.

Adding this to your image with these SEO article writing tips will get you noticed as a beginner. Boosting recognition and trust, are the 2 cornerstones of online sales. Apart from alt attributes, as listed above there are also other text areas to pay attention to. These also form part of the legal aspects of using images.

What are image captions?

Captions are the less talked about “heroes” of visual content and presentation. Image captions can provoke emotions by adding context and clarifying the message. Simplicity and “easy to understand” content enjoy preference with SEO. Captions can even make your content more sharable. Captions resonate with your readers and search engines.

What is image provenance?

Image provenance is how you build trust through transparency. Image provenance is also known as the source and/or history of an image. This will increase trust and recognition by adding a layer of transparency, so to speak. Image provenance is also citing image sources, and verifying authenticity (accepting responsibility for image origin).

10 SEO writing tips for beginners image requirements

As illustrated above, an example of such an image caption and provenance on Medium. Notice the text area below the image. With WordPress blogging, however, this is all done from inside the image editor in the C-Panel. Bringing us halfway through the 10 SEO article writing tips for beginners.

Article Writing SEO Subheadings For Beginners.

Leveraging headings and subheadings, also known as H1 and H2 headers can result in SEO dominance. With these 10 article SEO writing tips for beginners, headers are up next. In the extremely competitive SEO world, strategic use of headers and subheaders can boost your articles to new heights.

No more than 75% off all your H2 subheader content must include your target keywords and search phrases. Play around with the text, to not sound repetitive, and stay within the context of the sentence or header. Subheadings also form part of your blog “table of contents”, provided you have the necessary plugin installed.

By focusing on these 10 article SEO writing tips for beginners, you will soon see a rise in exposure. Be it Medium, Blogging, or any other means of writing. SEO with writing is all about how well you describe your content, and how easy it is to understand while maintaining curiosity.

Sentence And Paragraph Length With Article Writing.

Moving on through these 10 article SEO writing tips for beginners, bringing us to number 7 on the list. Paragraph and sentence length with SEO. This is important because it contributes to readability, which improves user experience (UX) one of two major SEO ranking factors.

Paragraphs must not exceed 250 to 300 words, with a maximum of 2 to 4 sentences. Each subheading body area must also not exceed 250 to 300 words. While sentences must not exceed 20 words. Although much shorter sentences can contribute to readability. Consider the below-mentioned “writing style”.

  • Transition words.
  • Moderate first-person writing.
  • Relate by asking questions.
  • Set an easy-to-read font.

Transition words, lead one sentence into the next, in doing so, maintaining curiosity. Relate to your readers, by asking questions, and writing as if you’re speaking directly to them. That feels more “personal”, right? Lastly, set an “easy to read” font. Personally, we find the Arial font rather effective at a size of 14 to 16.

Article Writing SEO Keyword Density And Placement.

Although there are no “set metrics” for how many times you must include your keywords and search phrases (to the best of our knowledge). From what we have learned on our journey through SEO, is that having the target keywords in your content around 34 to 36 times can be quite sufficient.

However, keyword and search phrase density will also depend on the length of your content. Because you must place the keywords and search phrases strategically to “keep search engine spiders reading”. Strategic placement and moderation are the keys to leveraging SEO with keywords.

Try placing your primary target keyword or search phrase as close to the start of the H1 header (Title) as possible. Preferably start with your target search phrase but within the context of the sentence (H1 Header – Tite). All you need is to leverage these 10 article SEO writing tips for beginners, and you’re good to go with SEO.

Required Disclosures With SEO Article Writing.

There are 2 most common disclosures we know of. This forms part of transparency, and building trust, by applying these 10 article SEO writing tips for beginners. When you write articles with the help of AI writing software link Chat GPT or Google Bard, then you must disclose the content as such. Below are listed the 2 disclosures.

  • AI content disclosures.
  • Affiliate link disclosures.

As illustrated below, an example of these disclosures we use on Medium articles. But we also use the same disclosures with blog posts, because it is now a requirement. Basically, it just comes down to being professional, honest, and as transparent as possible. You also want to have professional online profiles to boost recognition.

AI and affiliate link disclosures with SEO article writing tips

You will have no problem with sharing affiliate links and using AI software to generate content. As long as you “stick to the rules”. The more professional you are, the faster you get noticed, and before you know it, sales start happening. But first, you must build recognition and trust. Transparency and a professional profile is a great way to do that.

Internal And External Linking With Article Writing SEO.

With blogging, (as we do) you might want to include hyperlinks to Medium articles related to the “highlighted text topic”. With Medium articles, you include links to other Medium articles. While with blogging you must link to other blog posts and pages. You may also choose to link to other blogs related to the topic.

Conclusion Of SEO Article Writing Tips For Beginners.

At some point, SEO is going to play its part. SEO article writing, or SEO in itself for that matter is not all that complicated. The most difficult, or rather annoying part of article writing SEO is the time it takes. Because it will take some time for your article to gain proper traction with SEO.

Follow these 10 article SEO writing tips for beginners and do trending topic research on the topic you wish to write about. Preferably something you have more than average knowledge about. Because in the end, you must be able to outwrite your competitors with knowledge. Below are listed the 10 article SEO writing focus points.

  • Article Title Or H1 Header.
  • Introduction And Conclusion.
  • First 2 To 4 Lines Of Text.
  • Presentation Image.
  • Image Alt Attributes, Caption And Provenance.
  • Topic Specific H2 Subheadings.
  • Sentence And Paragraph Length.
  • Target Keyword Density.
  • Required Disclosures (Where Applicable).
  • Internal And External Linking.

If you found this Blog Post helpful, kindly let us know in the comments. We would love to hear your opinion. Did you know about these 10 SEO Article Writing Tips For Beginners To dominate SEO? Do you struggle with driving traffic, generating sales, creating content, or writing?

If you need help with anything, we speak “Blogging” and “Writing” and “Affiliate Marketing” rather fluently, so feel free to reach out any time. With that, our “10 SEO Article Writing Tips For Beginners!” The Blog Post is concluded.

Now you know how to use these 10 SEO Article Writing Tips For Beginners. What will you do next?

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