Are you looking for a legitimate way to earn passive income? Then, the ChangeMyIP affiliate program is an easy way to make money by recommending their services.

It’s great for anyone, whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or have been doing it for a while. With this program, you can earn a percentage every time someone you refer makes a payment, up to three times per user.

Here, in this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about the ChangeMyIP affiliate program. It covers how you can earn money by recommending their services, details about commission rates, payment methods, and the straightforward process to get started.

What is the ChangeMyIP affiliate program?

The ChangeMyIP affiliate program allows individuals to earn a commission by providing leads to their services.

ChangeMyIP Affiliate Program Review

ChangeMyIP Affiliate Program Review

Affiliates can earn through domain-based or cookie-based methods, with a reward percentage of 20% per payment up to $9,999, for a maximum of three payments per user.

The program includes a 30-day eligibility period for rewards, with a minimum payout threshold of $50. Affiliates can advertise ChangeMyIP’s services on their websites or promote tracking links and get paid directly to their PayPal accounts.

Affiliation Methods

Affiliation through a tracking ID

Affiliation through tracking ID

Affiliation through tracking ID

The affiliation method uses a unique tracking ID in the link you share on your blog or website. This ID helps track new users that join through your promotion.

The program is meant for those looking to promote the services to a broader audience, not as a way to get discounts for personal use or for sharing with friends for cheaper rates.

Affiliation through referrer

Affiliation through referrer

Affiliation through referrer

This method tracks new clients by the website they arrived from, making it a more seamless process for the user. Just add your website to the list of approved domains and update your DNS records as needed.

You can then promote any link to the online stores. It’s important to note that this program is meant for spreading the word about the services, not for personal discounts or sharing for lower prices with friends.

Features of ChangeMyIP affiliate Program

White Label Customization: Make use of your own domain to maintain direct connections with your customers, ensuring that you are providing them with a seamless brand experience.

Transparent Operations: You will be able to view detailed reports on all orders that are placed through your website, so that you can keep track of your business activities clearly.

Automated Fulfillment: With ChangeMyIP, you can be assured that your products will be delivered with ease once you collect your payments.

Landing page: If you don’t want to build a landing page on your own, there’s a helpful link that provides a free setup. This lets you customize things like your site’s look, emails, and colors without needing to hire a designer or spend extra money.

Dedicated Support: You can be sure that your customers will receive specialized support from them, improving their satisfaction and loyalty.

Customizable Dashboard: Your selling dashboard can be customized to align with the aesthetics of your brand as well as your business’s needs.

Invoicing for EU Affiliates: They provide support and assistance during the VAT collection process and invoice management for the affiliates located in Europe

Flexible Pricing: You can set your own price, and you can adjust it based on market trends and demand at any time.

Discounts and Coupons: Offer discount coupons and quantity discounts to your customers as a way to motivate them to make purchases.

Real-Time Reports: With the help of real-time financial reports, you can keep track of your income in real time.

Real-Time Reports

Real-Time Reports

Direct Payment Processing: After topping up the affiliate account, you will receive payments directly through your chosen payment gateway.

Payment Options: You will be able to accept a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies, in order to suit your customer’s individual preferences. rewrite explaining to your readers in detail.

ChangeMyIP affiliate program in a Glance

Feature Detail
Affiliation Method Domain-Based, Cookie-Based
Percentage of rewards per payment 20%
Maximum Reward per Payment $9,999
The maximum amount of payments rewarded per user 3
Reward Eligibility Period 30 Days
Minimum Payout Threshold $50

Why do I recommend the ChangeMyIP affiliate program?

The ChangeMyIP affiliate program offers flexibility by allowing you to use either your own domain or a unique tracking link to refer customers. This means you have two convenient ways to earn.

The benefits include a 20% commission on purchases made through your referrals. Additionally, this isn’t a one-time benefit; you’ll continue to receive 20% of the first three payments made by each person you refer.

This setup provides a great opportunity for ongoing earnings from a single referral.

How does it work?

How Does ChangeMyIP Affiliate Program Works

How Does ChangeMyIP Affiliate Program Works

The ChangeMyIP affiliate program works in a few steps: Firstly, if you have a website, you can add your domain to their dashboard, verify it, and then link to their page to start referring traffic. 

If you don’t have a website, you can still participate by using a tracking URL they provide to promote their services. When someone makes a purchase through your domain or tracking link, you earn a 20% commission on their first three orders. This setup is designed to reward you for directing new customers to ChangeMyIP.

How to set up pricing?

You can buy services like proxies and VPNs at set prices and then sell them at your own higher prices. For instance, if you sell a proxy for $1.8 and someone buys 10, you get $18. From this, the cost price of $13 for the proxies is deducted from your account.

Make sure your account has enough money before orders are processed, as the cost is taken out before the services are provided to your clients.

As a ChangeMyIP affiliate, you have the opportunity to resell a variety of services, including dedicated and shared proxies, SOCKS5 proxies, ShadowSocks, Wireguard VPNs, and DNS proxies, available for both datacenter and residential setups.

These services also include options for static IP addresses and rotating proxies, catering to different customer needs for secure and reliable internet access.

How to sign up?

Click on the to signup.

Sign Up To ChangeMyIP Reseller Program

Sign Up To ChangeMyIP Reseller Program

After sign up, click on ACCEPT to accept the terms of service.

Click On Accept

Click On Accept

Click the plus icon at the top right of the screen to create new sites; there’s no limit to how many you can make.

Click On Top Side to Create Site

Click On Top Side to Create Site

If it’s your first time, you’ll need to fill out your billing information. Just complete the form and hit save.

Fill the biiling info

Fill the biiling info

After completing your billing information, if a prompt appears, just click the plus sign once more. You’ll be guided to a section where you can adjust the service prices, initially set to the minimum allowed.

Here’s the fun part: you have the freedom to increase these prices as you see fit, ensuring they’re just above the base price set by the service. It’s a straightforward and flexible setup for customizing your offerings.

Site Details

Site Details

When setting up your site for client communication and sales, you’ll enter basic details like your site’s name, URL, and contact email. This information is used in emails and notifications to your clients.

You’ll also provide URLs for your logo and favicon to personalize the site’s appearance. Setting your service prices is crucial, and there’s room to link your social media or support channels for better customer engagement.

If you’re using Google ads, there’s an option to track ad performance. This form setup is straightforward and aimed at making your services more accessible and professional to clients.

You should now see the site in the Sites table when you click on add new site:

Sites Table

Sites Table

The “Status” column shows your site’s current situation. When you first create a site, it needs admin approval before setup begins.

“APPROVED” means it’s ready to go, “PENDING” is waiting for that initial ok, “UPDATE PENDING” is for when you’ve made changes and are awaiting approval again, and “DELETING” means the site is being removed.

It’s a clear system that keeps you informed at every step, ensuring you know exactly when your site is ready to launch or update.

Why should you join the ChangeMyIP affiliate program?

This opportunity allows you to resell a range of internet services at competitive prices under your brand on your domain. You set your profit margins and handle customer payments directly, with support for multiple payment gateways.

There are no setup fees, a free landing page is provided, and no technical expertise is required to start. You can create multiple sites and benefit from constant support, discounts, coupons, and special pricing. Plus, VAT processing for EU countries is simplified with accessible reports.

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Conclusion: ChangeMyIP Affiliate Program Review 2024

Thus, the ChangeMyIP affiliate program is a great way for anyone to start selling internet services. It’s free to start, you can make your site look how you want, and decide how much to charge.

They handle the tech stuff, and you get support whenever you need it. Plus, you can take payments in many ways and don’t need to know a lot about technology to begin. It’s a good chance to make money by offering important services to others.