SEO Audit Checklist

Are you working hard to ensure your business is a success by taking advantage of SEO? Then you’ll need to create a checklist for the SEO that has to be completed. Consequently, you’ll be in the best position to climb to the top of the rankings.

Not sure what to include in your checklist? Not a problem, in this article we will share the top SEO considerations you must make in order to tilt the odds of SEO success in your favour.

Google Analytics

For those of you with websites that are already receiving traffic then you need to check your Google Analytics stats to keep an eye on performance. You need to understand what keywords you are ranking for and which ones are giving you the most traffic. Google Analytics is one of the most important tools for any website.

Perhaps there are a few keywords that you’re getting a decent amount of traffic from but haven’t optimized for intentionally. Well now you can change that by optimizing for it and receiving even more traffic.

It’s free to use and there is plenty of support from Google to utilize it to the full potential. For the most part the basic functions have a shallow learning curve. However, you’ll need to devote some extra time in order to learn all of the functions the tool has to offer.

Updated information regarding Google Analytics available here on

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing products get overlooked as most go to Google, but there are quite a lot of positive features you can take advantage of:

Disavow links feature: link rejection can be automated with this feature.
Keyword research: find out how many people search for a particular keyword in a given time period and alterations of that keyword.
Link explorer: find out what links are pointing to a particular URL. This allows you to reverse engineer links of your competitors.
SEO reports: receive information on SEO ideal practices and potential areas of weakness in your website from an SEO perspective.
XML Sitemaps

Search engine spiders need to crawl your website in order for your webpages to rank. The sitemap is the best place for spiders to visit as it gives them the option to access the entire site from one location. The sitemap is a page full of links to all pages of the website.

The XML Sitemap feature automatically generates this page and signals to the search engine spiders to come and visit it for an update to their search engine index. This should be at the top of your checklist as it’s an important SEO tool to use when your website is finally ready to go live.

Meta Data

The meta data of your webpages isn’t a complicated element to include, but a vital one. This is the information that search engines use when generating the text to use to represent your website in the search pages.

As Matthew Jordan from Bestessays explains: “the meta data should be used to accurately convey to potential website visitors what the web page is about”. Accurate meta data will reduce the bounce rate, which is one of the metrics used to determine how well your web page will rank for a specific keyword.

There are a number of tools that automates the meta data entry process so that you do not have to worry about doing it manually.


Each piece of content that you place on your website should have their own check list. The point is to give webpages the best chance of ranking higher in the search engine results. Items to include would be to ensure each page has a minimum of 700 words, keywords are in the first sentence and have a density of 1-3%. Additionally, a variety of content should be added such as videos, infographics and slides.

Social media

Add social media sharing buttons for your content on each page. This promotes the sharing of content that in turn increases how many people come to visit the page. A social buzz surrounding your content indicates to the search engine algorithm that the content is worth placing higher in the results. So ensure you have a number of the main social media buttons available such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


Taking advantage of the different tools and checks above ensures that your website will not be outranked because of holes in the SEO. They are easy to implement, but can easily be missed if you do not have each check written down and slotted into your overall process.

Some of these checks should be performed periodically such as checking what links are pointing to your competitors. It’s a competition to the top of the pile and you need to give yourself every possible edge to win.

SEO Audit Section written by Brenda Savoie.

Brenda is a content marketer, private English tutor, and desperate dreamer. Writing her first romantic novel. Seeking contentment through mindfulness. Check her BestWritingClues. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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