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There’s a difference between getting traffic and getting traffic that converts. To earn reasonable money from your website, you’ll have to go for traffic sources that convert.

There are thousands of different traffic sources but only a handful of sources convert well. This post will cover a list of the best website traffic sources that convert. If you struggle to earn on your site, you don’t want to miss this for anything! Let’s get started!

Best Website Traffic That Converts 

To increase your earnings on your website, you need traffic from authentic sources. Here are the best website traffic sources:

  1. Traffic From Search Engines

The best traffic that converts is traffic from search engines. Search engine traffic (traffic from Google, Bing, etc) is viewed as organic traffic sources.

These sources cannot be manipulated and as a result, traffic is dependent on ranking. Ranking high, on the other hand, means that your webpage is helpful to the reader on the particular keyword. 

It is wise to invest time in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Master the on-page and off-page SEO requirements for your blog for your blog to benefit from getting traffic.

There’s no doubt that for you to earn high from ad networks, and other similar programs, then, you need to ensure that your website gains its traffic from search engines.

  1. Facebook

There’s a reason why most brands invest a lot of time and money in building their Facebook audience. One of the numerous reasons is that leads or traffic derived from Facebook bring in high revenue. 

Facebook is aware of the power it possesses as a traffic source which is why you’ll need to have a sufficient ad budget to be able to run an ad that converts. Also, along with that, by sharing your links to relevant Facebook groups and pages, you’ll be able to get real traffic that converts to profits too.

There are many reasons why Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. You have just learned one today and that’s, a reliable traffic source that converts well.

  1. Email Marketing

Another relevant traffic source that converts is the use of email marketing. Traffic that comes from your email list is always recommended if you want to earn high from blogging ad networks, affiliate marketing, and other similar money-making avenues.

You’ll only benefit from this if you have established your website as a reputable organization. People would be more willing to visit your website and take action when they your website is known for its high reputation. 

Whether your focus is on organic or social traffic, your secret method to earn more is by adopting email marketing.

  1. X (Twitter)

Along with Facebook, X also boasts of having the most contributors. In mentioning top traffic sources that convert, then, Twitter should be included.

When you have visitors flocking to your website from X, then you could be a website owner in such a short time. Most ad networks are favorable to X traffic and even pay well compared to other traffic sources.

However, people would not just rush to your website from X, you’ll need to establish a brand. To do that, engage in tweets, retweet, and create interactive tweets. With time, gradually insert your website link and ask your followers to visit the site. 

If you’re a website owner and you’re not yet milking traffic from X, then you’re missing a lot. Try X traffic today and see the difference!

Through guest posting, your website can reach a newer and larger audience. If there’s anything that makes ad networks happy, then it’s getting traffic from a larger audience.

When your website link is inserted in the posts of other websites, your website would be visited by people from other sources which would mean higher impressions and clicks to any earning strategy you might use in your website.

Another benefit of allowing your website links to be inserted in other websites is that it would influence the domain ratings of your site positively, which would mean a higher ranking probability. At the end of the day, aside from earnings, guest posting is an avenue for your blog to grow bigger.

  1. Traffic From Forums

Traffic from forums is one of the best traffic that is recommended for your website. Your content if helpful, would allow users to stay longer on your site thus, reducing bounce rates among other things which could reduce earnings.  

Forums such as Quora are an excellent way to build your website traffic. However, to increase your chances of earning, interact on these platforms and provide links to helpful articles on your website. If done consistently, your website will become an authority in any niche you find yourself.


There you go! As a website owner, your focus should be on targeting traffic sources that convert to profits for your website. In this article, you’ve read a comprehensive list of legitimate traffic sources. Use this information for your benefit.