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The best niches for blogging with low competition include  Special Needs Parenting Niche, and the Rare Books Collection Niche, among others. If you’re a blogger just starting, and you need help in finding the best niche for blogging with low competition, then this article is for you.

In this article, you will read about low-competitive niches that you can explore as a blogger. Let’s get into it already!

Best Niche For Blogging With Low Competition

If you are considering the best niche that offers little or no competition, then, you are at the right place. This section would outline the best niche to delve into that with little competition. Let’s get started:

  1. Solar Technology Niche

If you have knowledge about Solar Technology, then, this is a nice niche to delve into. The discussion in this niche has to do with solar equipment, solar panels, etc. 

This is a very lucrative niche to start from as you can get traffic from countries in Africa. This is because in some parts of Africa, there is a noticeable increase in temperature and as a result, many are turning to solar energy to generate electricity. 

So, you could begin a Solar Technology niche and set your target audience to parts of the world that are in urgent need of these kinds of information about suitable solar brands for their homes.

  1. Pet Sub-niche

Pet sub-niches are niches under the Pet niche that you can leverage. You can write content on specific unconventional pets that people may keep at home such as fish, reptiles, etc.

This is one of the best niches for blogging with low competition because there is not very detailed information on the internet about specific kinds of pets. So, you could take advantage of this and do detailed research on these pets and create a niche just for this.

You can imagine the amount of visitors who may have similar kinds of pets may want to visit your blog for that information. Just think about it. 

You can begin a niche on these pets and even expand to other species or breeds of the specific pet you chose earlier and build your brand about it. 

  1. Special Needs Parenting Niche

Another untapped niche to go into is the Special Needs Parenting Niche. You can write content that is tailored to give helpful tips to children with special needs, offer advice to parents, and other information.

This is a very uncompetitive niche to go into because there are only a few blogs around that are specifically known for discussing children with needs. So, by creating a blog and establishing a brand around this subject, you could become an authority in that niche in a short time.

Many parents need help taking care of their children who may fall within this category, and your blog can be of great help to them.

The good thing about this niche is that, if your brand is expanded, you can conduct counseling and other programs too that are related to this.

  1. Rare Books Collection Niche

The Rare Books Collection Niche is one of the most uncommon niches that a blogger can venture into. In this niche, you get to talk about, upload, or provide helpful links to, or describe the library where books that are no longer in circulation can be found. 

Some people are in search of books which at one time, were helpful at some point in their life. So, they may want to retrieve another copy or may want to get information about where to find such books. Your blog would be helpful to these in offering them information about these books.

As a blogger, you would enjoy this niche because you get firsthand information on where to find materials that would be beneficial to you. 

  1. DIY Skincare Hacks

Another niche that you can delve into is the DIY Skincare Hacks niche. In this niche, your blog would offer tips on Do-It-Yourself Skin Care hacks that individuals can adopt to ensure their skin is good. 

Blogs related to this niche do not always offer realistic tips. Most of the time, they offer tips that are not practical in a sense. Having this in mind, you can build a blog in this niche that stands out for being legit.

You could offer tips that you have already used and gotten results. As you grow as a brand, you could begin to make videos of the before and after effects of applying some skincare hacks on your body.

With time, you could make money through affiliate marketing, ad networks, and most especially sponsored posts. Isn’t that amazing?

  1. Alternative Energy Sources Niche

Another uncompetitive niche to begin a blog about is the Alternative Energy Sources niche. This niche is not about writing about obvious sources of energy such as solar, water (hydro), etc. In this niche, you research and write about sources of energy that are not so common. Yes, there are many uncommon sources of energy. You just need to research them.

You can write about people who have discovered some uncommon sources of energy. Along with that, you could also write about how sources of this energy work and how they are generated. It is an interesting niche to explore, don’t you think?

If you are good in this niche, you could get tips from readers who might like to support you. You would also build a brand around this niche so that you become an authority in this niche. Wouldn’t you like that?


One of the benefits of writing in niches with low competition is that in a shorter time, you can build your brand around it. However, it is good to note that it wouldn’t be easy starting a niche with low competition, but with time, you would yield results. 

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