Affiliate marketing guide for beginners.

We decided to write a complete beginners guide through affiliate marketing, after quite some commenting. It became transparent that many affiliate marketing beginners have a hard time getting started.

Because they don’t know where to start, they need a comprehensive guide. Affiliate marketing can be rather confusing when you’re a complete beginner. We know because we were all beginners at some point in time.

Hence this complete beginner’s guide through affiliate marketing and the truth behind the myth. That myth of instant riches is a result of misdirection through a marketing strategy that is a bit saturated. Impressive sales screenshots.

But these impressive sales screenshots with affiliate marketing should not be perceived as imminent results by beginners. Because they are an indication of what is possible.

Whether the particular affiliate marketing program, strategy, or system for beginners will work for you remains to be seen. Always remember that there is no such thing as “One Size Fits All” with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing starts with trust.

With this particular Medium story, we will try to be as comprehensive as possible for beginners with affiliate marketing. Contrary to popular belief.

Affiliate marketing does not start by choosing random affiliate products and flooding every platform on Earth with affiliate links.

Success with affiliate marketing starts with discovering your profitable niche and then gathering as much knowledge as you can. Because in order to generate sales you need to solve problems, and people will remember how you made them feel.

In order to solve problems you first need the knowledge to do so, and that is where the proverbial “plot thickens”. You are going to test more systems, programs, products, and methods than you will later care to recall.

Beginners must find what works for them.

Because it is up to you to find what works for you. Therefore, you always want to ensure that whatever product you choose to test, comes with a full money-back guarantee. However, successful affiliate marketing can be broken down into a guide of 5 steps for beginners.

  • Discover Your Profitable Niche.
  • Decide On An Affiliate Network.
  • Choose A Related Product.
  • Create Bridge Pages.
  • Drive Traffic To Bridge Pages.

These 5 steps need to be followed in this sequence, driving traffic comes last with affiliate marketing. Success with affiliate marketing for beginners means “tiny objective steps in the right direction!”.

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Affiliate Marketing Guide For Complete Beginners!

Beginners must understand that affiliate marketing is a long-term solution to your financial freedom. There is no elevator, there is no shortcut, and there is no such thing as “easy”. It still is hard work!

Discover Your Profitable Niche – With affiliate marketing as a complete beginner, first, you must discover your profitable niche. Meaning, decide on the one thing you love doing most. That is your profitable niche with affiliate marketing.

This can be absolutely anything, from making money online to affiliate marketing, blogging, or making videos. Perhaps you like gardening, gaming, cycling, boxing, weight loss, or jogging. Decide on the one thing you love doing most.

Choosing an affiliate marketing network.

Decide On An Affiliate Network – Once you decided, it is time to choose an affiliate network as a beginner with affiliate marketing. Because that is where you will get your affiliate products to promote. You choose your products based on your profitable niche.

But your affiliate product must also solve a problem, provide a solution, or offer guidance. Based on an identified need within your profitable niche. Therefore, you must do the research and establish what your target audience is looking for.

This can be done through commenting and engaging audiences within your profitable niche. Start engaging and establish what people are looking for. Among some of the top affiliate networks, you will find the ones listed below.

  • Clickbank.
  • Warrior Plus.
  • JV Zoo.
  • Share A Sale.
  • Max Bounty.
  • Digistore24.

We do however strongly suggest that complete beginners start with affiliate marketing on Clickbank or Digistore24. Some of the other affiliate networks might require you to have your own blog or website. Warrior Plus for instance, also requires proof that you have generated sales online.

Affiliate networks alternatives to Clickbank.

By all means, if you have your own website or blog and have generated some sales online. Feel free to work with all these affiliate networks. We are currently, primarily focusing on Clickbank, Warrior Plus, and JV Zoo. But the choice is yours.

Choose A Related Product – Choose a product that will solve a problem within your niche as mentioned earlier. Then, you preferably want to purchase the product (but not from your own affiliate link).

It is highly recommended you test what you intend to promote with affiliate marketing as a beginner. See if the product lives up to its claims. If you are happy with it, chances are your audience will be too.

Creating bridge pages as a complete beginner.

Create Bridge Pages – As a complete beginner with affiliate marketing, chances are you might not have your own websites and blogs. But we can remedy that. You can easily create free bridge pages with the tools listed below.

  • Google Sites.
  • Canva One-Page Websites.
  • Free Blogs (Blogger, WordPress, Wix).

There are countless videos on YouTube that will guide you on exactly how to create bridge pages with these sites. So, we’re not going to get into the whole design part.

We leave the “learning” up to you. Because the best teacher you can possibly ask for is you! But if you follow these 5 steps in sequence before you know it. You will be “on your way with affiliate marketing”.

Drive Traffic To Bridge Pages – There are so many ways to drive free traffic, that it can be overwhelming for beginners with affiliate marketing. We suggest you start with social media. Like creating your own Facebook groups and pages.

There are Quora, Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, and LinkedIn groups and pages. Much like Facebook groups and pages. But that is barely scraping the surface of free traffic options.

Therefore, we have decided to include a few of our own free traffic strategies within this Medium story. So you want to read to the end, but you might also want to take a tour through Clickbank for beginners in the Medium story below.

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Affiliate Marketing Guide For Complete Beginners!

Why most beginners fail with affiliate marketing.

Most beginners fail with affiliate marketing because of misdirection. But failure is part of the “learning process”. This in turn is paramount for building recognition and trust. Because failure is how you gather the knowledge to become a “problem solver”.

As tasteless as it sounds, the only “guarantee” that you have with affiliate marketing and making money online. Is that you will fail, the faster you acknowledge and accept that, the faster you will grow.

As mentioned earlier, impressive sales screenshots are often creating misdirection. Many “gurus” and “experts” make it look so “easy”. What you are often not told, is the time it took to achieve said impressive sales counts.

But we have already covered the reasons most beginners fail with affiliate marketing in another Medium story. Therefore, you might also want to read the Medium story HERE.

Affiliate marketing beginners must start at the beginning.

Complete beginners with affiliate marketing should follow this 5-step guide. Do not skip any of these steps in an attempt to “make money faster”, not going to happen!

Because you will regret it later when you get banned and blocked on major social networks. Getting your accounts banned and blocked, renders all your hard work null and void. Terrible loss, we know!

We learned through “failure”, and a lot of it. This is why we can point out the “potholes” because we hit them. All of them! We “failed”, or rather “learned” for nearly a decade. Yes, we generated sales through the failure, but nothing to “write home about”.

Among some of the “bridge pages”, with Clickbank especially. You will find affiliate niche storefronts. These are directly integrated with Clickbank. And you can have 23 of them in all the most profitable niches 100% free! You might want to read the Medium story below about that.

Beginners guide through affiliate marketing sales.

Your first priority is not sales, your first priority is building recognition and trust. When you are building your affiliate marketing empire as a beginner, the quality of your content and presentation is of paramount importance.

Because that is how people will get to know you, and that is how they will get to recognise and trust you. Through the quality of your content, how well it solves a problem, or the quality of the solution you offer.

Once you have your bridge pages, apart from mainstream social media. The very site you are on right now, Medium, is among the perfect places to start. But there are rules, and you must read the Medium Rules. But more importantly, you must understand them.

Affiliate marketing on Medium can turn rather profitable for beginners. But you want to read the Medium story below, on how affiliate marketing comes together on Medium. And remember that “quality content is king!”.

Affiliate marketing on YouTube without making videos.

As a complete beginner, you can make money with affiliate marketing on YouTube. The best part is that you never have to create any videos! Yes, you read that right, it is not a typing error.

There are countless affiliate products with affiliate marketing for beginners that actually provide you with videos to use. All you have to do is know where and how to look for these videos on YouTube.

These are also known as “Creative Commons license” videos on YouTube. Basically, what this means is, that with the Creative Commons license, you are allowed to use these videos on YouTube. Without getting any copyright strikes against your YouTube channel.

However, the entire strategy cannot possibly be covered under a single subheading. Therefore we strongly suggest you read the Medium story below. You really can start with affiliate marketing as a beginner 100% free!

Quora and Medium strategy for affiliate sales.

There is also Quora, but more specifically, Quora Spaces. Formerly known as Quora Blogs. And the word “blogs” should give you an idea about what Quora Spaces is all about.

Quora is a site where you answer questions and provide solutions with around 750 million visitors per month. These answers are then shared on your Quora Spaces, along with other people’s answers.

This way you build recognition and trust. Now the marketing strategy does not suggest you share affiliate offers on Quora. But rather than Medium stories, you share Medium stories in your Quora answers.

Your Medium stories, in turn, have your affiliate bridge pages and offers presented to your readers. Kind of like we’re doing with this exact post, where the “quotes”, followed by the “source” is an affiliate offer.

In case you were wondering, yes, we did personally test this system. And yes, it did work and live up to its claims. Devon Brown, a well-known 7-digit earner on Clickbank created this particular system offered in this post. Because it solves a problem.

But we are not going to get into all of that, just letting you know. Below you will find the Medium story, explaining the Medium and Quora strategy in more detail. You might want to check out this strategy.

Affiliate marketing beginners guide with Quora.

This exact same strategy is covered below. We were able to get our Quora content views to as much as 2,1 million views per day! Therefore, it might be a free traffic strategy you want to give some thought and give it a try.

Lastly, for all your designs like presentation images, YouTube video thumbnails, and social media posts. Along with pretty much any design you wish to create, you want to use a free tool called Canva.

Yes, there are sites like “Pixabay”, “Pexels”, “Pixels”, and “Unsplash” where you can download copyright-free images and videos. But we strongly recommend you try “Canva” instead.

Affiliate marketing and Canva.

We have been using Canva since the early 14th century and never had a single problem with copyright issues. Therefore, we know for a fact that the content it provides is 100% safe and copyright-free. With the alternatives, we are not entirely convinced.

But we leave you to check out the Quora and Medium strategy below before this Medium story turns into an eBook. We had quite a bit of ground to cover with this Affiliate Marketing Complete Beginners Guide.

Hence the 2413-word article as we tried to summarise as comprehensively as possible. If you enjoyed this Affiliate Marketing Complete Beginners Guide, let us know in the comments.

If you need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to do the same. That is what the comments are for. Engagement, and getting solutions, answers, and guides.

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Affiliate Marketing Guide For Complete Beginners!

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Affiliate Marketing Guide For Complete Beginners!

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