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For many employees, the biggest perk of working from home is the flexibility and improved work-life balance it provides. However, some entrepreneurial professionals have discovered that certain remote roles can actually earn you significantly more income than traditional full-time office jobs.

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GOBankingRates spoke with experts who have found lucrative success with their work-from-home careers to get their valuable insights.

Social Media Management

“Work-from-home gigs that can make you richer than a full-time job in my opinion would be a social media manager,” said Lucy Vincent, founder of LVS Digital Marketing. “Social media is simply too important for businesses to ignore, yet handling all those channels is extremely time-consuming for company owners. As a social media manager, you can create your own schedule, which provides flexibility, while charging rates that reflect the high value of your skilled services.”

Vincent noted that her coaching program students who follow the structured path routinely “hit $10k months or more from working at home” as social media managers. “The income potential is massive, especially as you build a larger client base,” she said.

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Virtual Assistance

Jan Paquete, a virtual assistant and owner of JLP Business Services, loves her job and says it’s the perfect work-from-home gig.

“Being a virtual assistant offers the freedom of setting your own hours and working from any location with an internet connection. At the same time, you handle a wide variety of tasks that allow you to build new skills — from basic administrative duties to specializations like social media marketing or graphic design,” she said. “The versatility keeps things fresh and interesting.”

Paquete added that one of the greatest perks is the work-life balance. “As your own boss, you can construct a schedule that allows for ample personal time,” she said.

YouTube Content Creation

Eddy Ballesteros of Balle Solutions is very bullish on the income potential of content creation, particularly on YouTube.

“People are craving authentic advice from real humans more than ever before, so video content will only continue growing in popularity,” he said. “You can monetize through YouTube’s ad revenue sharing, affiliate marketing by promoting other companies’ products, company sponsorships, and promoting your own products, services or courses.”

He stressed that while it requires patience and developing skills like video editing, the earning potential is limitless. “With persistence, implementing best practices and continuing to improve your content strategy, anyone can build a YouTube audience and make much more than a full-time income solely from their channel,” Ballesteros said.

Building Passive Income Sites

For those looking to create long-term passive income streams, Brittany Betts, CMO of, suggested building your own websites.

“Start your own websites — it doesn’t require a huge upfront investment to build a helpful site that ranks well in search engines. You can build up the traffic and visibility, then either sell the domain for a profit down the road or monetize through affiliate marketing by promoting other companies’ products,” she said. “With enough traffic, the income can easily surpass what you’d make at a 9-5 job.”

The Freedom of Freelancing

Vaishali Gauba, a freelance marketing and PR strategist, shared how freelancing allowed her to finally leave her full-time job. “I make high four-figures monthly with the ability to work from anywhere for clients all over the world,” she said. “Once you build up a reputation for delivering great results, clients are happy to put you on lucrative monthly retainers, which provides financial security.”

She shared that it can feel like a risk at first — but it’s worth it. “It can be scary at first having variable income instead of a steady paycheck. But if you consistently provide value, you’ll quickly build up a client base,” Gauba said.

Gauba added that she loves “having total control” over her schedule and time. “I can take off for vacation at a moment’s notice, start my day at 5 a.m. or work from a beach if I want. My lifestyle flexibility is unparalleled,” she said.

The Path to a Lucrative Work-From-Home Career

The main message from all of the experts is that you need to build skills in an in-demand area that you actually enjoy. If you become the expert in your respective field, you can truly work from anywhere and make just as much as you’d make in a traditional full-time job — or even more.

Of course, it’s always smart to focus on things that are done primarily online — think social media and technology. If you provide a stellar service that few others are bringing to the table, you will reap the rewards.

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