Affiliate marketing commissions without a blog introduction.

There is no doubt that you can generate affiliate marketing commissions without a blog. You will however need some form of bridge page to generate sales with affiliate marketing commissions without a blog. Yes, we know there are cloaking options, but that is “getting old”. Without a blog, your bridge page will be more professional.

But without having a blog, you cannot use plugins like Pretty Links Lite. The most professional link cloaking tool available, in our opinion. Because it kind of turns your affiliate link into a “bridge page” by pointing to your primary blog domain. But, this article is about how you can Generate affiliate marketing commissions without a blog.

Successful affiliate marketing and generating sales is a sequence, without having a blog or having one. The basic steps or requirements remain the same. Only with this strategy you use your bridge page instead of your blog. You use your Medium articles instead of affiliate links. But we will guide you through that. Below are the 9 basic steps.

  1. Find Profitable Niche.
  2. Choose an Affiliate Network.
  3. Setup Payment Structure.
  4. Identify Common Needs.
  5. Select Related Product.
  6. Create a Free Bridge Page.
  7. Establish GEO Location.
  8. Drive Bridge Page Traffic.
  9. Build Targeted Audiences.

The upcoming guide to affiliate marketing commissions without a blog will give you the basic structure. When it comes to creating bridge pages, for instance, there are hundreds of YouTube videos that will show you how to use the tools we will introduce you to. We leave the research and learning up to you.

This is a proven sequence to generate affiliate commissions, a combination of strategies we have been using for a long time. Once you’re done working your way through this guide, you will be set to start building your affiliate marketing empire and generating commissions. The best part is you will be able to do all this without having your own blog.

Create your free bridge pages with Canva for affiliate marketing.

Why are bridge pages so important? Because these days you can no longer share affiliate links directly, it is often seen as spam. Especially accompanied by clickbait. Bridge pages serve one purpose, to redirect to another URL like your affiliate link. You must have an SEO-friendly URL standing between your traffic strategy and affiliate link.

Because there are 3 ways you can create or obtain free bridge pages. Some you have to create (Canva And Google), others are already created for you (Affiliate Niche Storefronts). Therefore, depending on your experience. Should the website creation be a “bit much” right now? We strongly suggest using the free affiliate niche storefronts, because, we do too.

Create a Free One Page Website.

However, with all 3 of these options, all you have to do to get started is create your free account. With Canva and CB Pro Ads you have the upgraded pro version to choose from. But there is no need, the free option with these tools will work just fine. This article is about affiliate marketing commissions without a blog, to avoid expenses in the first place. Simply Create Your Free Canva Account, by searching the internet for “Canva“.

Create a Free Google Site.

Creating Google Sites, however, is completely free. All you will need is a Google account because Google Sites are accessible through Google Drive. Therefore, you will need your own Google account. As mentioned earlier, you might want to turn to YouTube. Watch a few tutorial videos on how to create Canva One-Page Free Websites and Google Sites.

Create a Free Google Account.

Use Free Affiliate Niche Storefronts.

What are CB Pro Ads? CB Pro Ads is a free membership where you have access to 23 free affiliate niche storefronts. But, it is also completely done for you and automatically integrated with Clickbank. Because these storefronts get updated with the latest products, and the links are all accepted URLs on social media sites like Facebook.

Now you have your bridge page or bridge pages, feel free to create as many as you wish. But try to focus on only one affiliate product per bridge page. Pay attention to YouTube when you create your free bridge pages to generate sales with affiliate marketing without having a blog. Next up, you will need traffic to your bridge pages.

Create Your Free CB Pro Account.

Generate affiliate commissions with social networking.

Social networking is among the most preferred ways to get traffic and generate sales with affiliate marketing. But you cannot share direct affiliate links, good thing you now have your own bridge pages and affiliate niche storefronts. The bridge page options you were just introduced to are even accepted by Google Ads!

But we will be looking to free traffic strategies, just placing exclamation on how “safe” these bridge page URLs are. Social networking is an excellent way to generate sales when done right. The key is to build your own targeted online audience. With social networking, it is done by means of the following 8 steps listed below.

  1. Create Facebook Groups And Pages.
  2. Create LinkedIn Groups And Pages.
  3. Answer Quora Questions.
  4. Create Quora Spaces.
  5. Writing Medium Articles.
  6. Create Medium Publications.
  7. Create YouTube Channels.
  8. Use Creative Commons Videos.

Unfortunately, however shocking, this is how much work it is to generate affiliate marketing commissions without a blog. Writing Medium articles form a large part of both traffic strategies we will show you. Bridge pages you can share absolutely anywhere, but like with everything else, moderation is advised.

Creating all the above-mentioned will take you a while, but it is going to be a lot of fun researching and learning, we can assure you. The writing site, Medium allows you to share affiliate offers, as for direct affiliate links we’re not quite sure. But as a personal preference, we suggest using bridge pages anyway, because you can always edit the presentation.

When you use Medium article writing to generate affiliate sales without having a blog. It is important to read the Medium Rules to understand what is allowed and what is not. Understand what is acceptable and which requirements must be met. There are rules with affiliate marketing on medium, be sure to “stay inside the lines”.

Article writing to generate affiliate commissions online.

Furthermore, this article about generating affiliate marketing commissions without a blog is more like a basic structure. Explaining to you how affiliate marketing comes together. As we have suggested several times, please watch tutorial videos on YouTube to put all this together. Explaining all this in a step-by-step style will be a rather lengthy and illustrated eBook.

With this strategy, you write a medium article containing your affiliate offer (bridge page) in the article footer. You then answer related questions on Quora and include the link to your Medium article. Be sure your Medium article adds value to the answer and question on Quora. Then, pin the answer to your Quora Space or Spaces.

Repeat this process and share your Quora answers on your Quora Spaces (Formerly Known As Quora Blogs). This should give you a pretty good idea of what Quora Spaces is about. Quora Spaces bears a striking resemblance to Medium publications. Both are like free blogs, only with Quora, instead of articles, you share answers.

  1. Write Medium Articles.
  2. Answer Quora Questions.
  3. Include Medium Articles.
  4. Connect With Quora Spaces.
  5. Share With Quora Spaces.
  6. Share On Social Media.

By “share on social media” we mean “pulling out all the stops”, provided you have created the listed sites above (Groups, Pages, Spaces, Publications). Because you want to share your Medium articles, Quora answers, and Quora Spaces with your social Groups and Pages. The whole point is to create your own target audience.

With your own groups, pages, spaces, and Medium publications you are doing exactly that. Focus on building your own audiences, that way you also gain trust and build recognition. This is quite a lot of info and instructions, we know. But can assure you these are strategies with which we are generating affiliate marketing commissions without a blog.

2 Alternative bridge page options for Clickbank and Warrior Plus.

Clickbank Bridge Page Option One – This is called “1 Page Profits”, which is exactly what the title implies. Because you have one page, bridge pages, ready to start generating affiliate marketing commissions without a blog. All you have to do is create your account and enter your Clickbank username. Then select the bridge pages and products you want to use.

The “One Page Profits” bridge pages lived up to their claims of generating sales. Admittedly, not “fireworks” at the time we started testing these, one-page, bridge pages with Clickbank. But the point is, that the claims made, of these bridge pages generating sales, were confirmed. Based on personal testing.

But there is another reason we prefer to “go back in time”, when first testing these bridge pages (2022). Because you must have realistic expectations, this is not a “get rich quick overnight” opportunity. You get that from winning the lottery, and we all know the odds of that.

But these affiliate marketing DFY bridge pages are proven to generate sales, how much sales will depend entirely on you. Combining all your efforts and “work with the program”. Because you cannot claim that a particular strategy doesn’t work if you haven’t tested it thoroughly. This is what we did, with illustrated proof below.

sales proof with one page profits

Warrior Plus Bridge Page Campaigns Option One – Is called “Clone Me”. Because Brendan Mace created 40 high-quality DFY bridge page campaigns, to promote Warrior Plus affiliate products. As with “One Page Profits”, your “built-in free traffic buttons” are located in the left sidebar menu. But did this one work too when testing it?

A full-blown, yes! Because we are not about to introduce you to junk that don’t work. What we like most about these two DFY bridge page options by Brendan Mace, of course, is the “built-in free traffic” option. Making it super “beginner-friendly”, in particular. With “this one”, we were able to generate a few sales too.

But, how well these 2 options to generate affiliate marketing commissions without a blog and DFY bridge pages will work for you, remains to be seen. As illustrated below, a few sales with Warrior Plus and “Clone Me”. Adding another $217.87 to the combined affiliate sales generated while testing these 2 methods.

sales proof with warrior plus affiliate network

As with the other option to generate affiliate marketing sales with DFY bridge pages. Sales were generated, but also not “fireworks” in the beginning. The “time of testing” realistic sales screenshots are necessary to avoid confusion.

Conclusion of affiliate marketing commissions without a blog.

There are so many ways to generate affiliate marketing commissions without a blog it can be overwhelming. Therefore we introduced you to some of our favourite and most effective strategies. With Quora for instance, and Quora Spaces. We were able to reach as many as 2.1 million content views per day!

But we have proved that in other Medium articles already. Therefore, you might want to scroll through our Medium home page feed. You should now have a pretty good idea of how to generate affiliate marketing commissions without a blog. Therefore, below are the 9 basic steps you want to follow in that order. GEO location establishes affordability.

  1. Find Profitable Niche.
  2. Choose an Affiliate Network.
  3. Setup Payment Structure.
  4. Identify Common Needs.
  5. Select Related Product.
  6. Create a Free Bridge Page.
  7. Establish GEO Location.
  8. Drive Bridge Page Traffic.
  9. Build Targeted Audiences.

In light of you going to share your bridge pages and Medium articles with social media. This is where the GEO targeting comes into play when generating affiliate marketing commissions without a blog. You need to establish your target audience GEO location, so you can establish the best times to post and share.

The ”trick” with social media traffic is “timing”, along with “interest targeting” of course. But timing is most important because you want your post or social share (Medium article) to appear in the feed when your target audience is most likely to see it. Targeting the right audience with the right product at the WRONG TIME defeats the purpose.

However, if you found this Medium story helpful, kindly let us know in the comments. We would love to hear your opinion. Did you know how you can generate affiliate marketing commissions without a blog? Do you struggle with driving traffic, generating sales, creating content, or writing? But, do you know all the different ways to generate sales?

If you need help with anything, we speak “Medium” and “Writing”, “Blogging”, and “Affiliate Marketing” rather fluently, so feel free to reach out any time. With that, our “Affiliate Marketing Commissions Without A Blog!” blog post is concluded. Now you know how to generate affiliate marketing commissions without a blog!!

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this blog post are links to affiliate offers. If you visit them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is entirely up to you. All offers come with a full 30 to 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!

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